Libya and the dictator's insistence on killing people.. May need to be a political solution

After four months of military confrontations, the NATO forces and aircraft is a party, at least over the past two months, started the situation in Libya is moving toward military stalemate, and became the attacks by NATO aircraft against targets in western Libya where they are still the authority of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's steadfast The list, which gives results exactly the opposite, especially after the deaths of dozens of civilian casualties as a result of Tripoli and its suburbs . 
Military stalemate on the battlefield opens the doors to political solutions that have been absent entirely in Libya because of the insistence of each party in the crisis to his demands in full, the rebels demanded the withdrawal of the Libyan leader and his family members as a condition for any negotiations or settlement, while stressing the latter that he will remain in Libya until the last minute of his life will never leave.
There are many indications suggest that the insurgents Libyans and the Transitional Council, the interim representatives, began to 'soften' attitudes, and welcomed by the political and the main indicator in this regard was issued yesterday by Mr. Mahmoud melon, spokesman for the transitional assembly, the statements indicate that the council is being indirect contacts with delegates representing the power in Tripoli. He said Mr. melon in an interview with the newspaper 'Le Figaro' French that the Libyan leader can stay in Libya if he decided to leave power . 
This shift in the position of the Transitional National Assembly due to a combination of factors has imposed itself in the recent period may be summarized in the following points : 
First, a major split within the countries participating in NATO operations the military in Libya, on the grounds of military strikes by inflicting large civilian casualties, has called for Franco Frantina the Foreign Minister of Italy for an immediate cease-fire to avoid the occurrence of other disasters after the killing of 19 civilians, mostly children, during the NATO bombing of the house Khweldi one senior aide to Colonel Gaddafi, and to open safe corridors to deliver aid to civilians, especially in Misurata and the mountain west and the city of Tripoli itself, where escalating military confrontations . 
Second, mounting public pressure, and by the same Congress on U.S. President Barack Obama to stop any role for American military operations against Libya for the degree of the threat of Congress to stop any financial support for the President and accountability if this goes against the position . 
Third down, Mr. Amr Moussa, Arab League Secretary General for his earlier position in favor of NATO's intervention and his forces in Libya, and direct criticism of his military leadership for the murder of Libyan children with, and presented a peace plan provides for the survival of the Libyan leader for a limited time in office, followed by a period of transition is determined through future Libya, with the participation of several parties. This is the first road map 'Arab' are issued to resolve the crisis . 
Fourth: the increase of disagreements among the rebels, the Libyans, and a clear division between the Islamists, who constitute the main force in the main fighting in the battlefields, and liberals from abroad who want a secular constitution and Western troops on the territory of Libya to resolve the fighting quickly . 
Fifth, lack of funds necessary to cover the expenses of the National Council and the fighters on the ground, has more than one member complained publicly of the issue and criticized the NATO countries not to provide adequate financial assistance . 
Sixth, there are suspicions of the transition in the real intentions of NATO and its intervention in Libya, has resulted in orders to the leaders of NATO's military to the rebels not to progress toward Tripoli, as well as not helping them as required for control of the Misurata and cut the land route to Tunisia to the crystallization of the conviction that the alliance wants the division to Libya , and a state in the east and the Libyan capital Tripoli, where the main oil reserves are concentrated . 
The coming weeks may see a shift to indirect negotiations between the rebels and the Libyan regime to a more advanced stage, no direct negotiations under the auspices of African or international, especially in light of the escalation of convictions of many in the circles of the forces of African and European (and not an Arab, unfortunately) that a military solution to the crisis, Libya is not possible, and that the political solution is the most effective in this regard .