Systematic expression of the Year and second primary importance of the relationship between reading and expression

First apply the quota share
Boot: Read the image from the known to the subject and realize its unity
Note Picture: the exploitation of the organization's respect for learners through a sequence
Events and linked to the unity of subject
Recite the text: recite crossing makes the learner lives the events of the text.
Dialogue: a dialogue about the text data.
Reincarnation of characters: the representation of text characters learners to communicate and express ...
The second session:
Oral exercises
Expansion in the positions of the text
Dictionary and methods: Using the context of the text starting with the easy-to-
Difficult and a lot of examples and link them to reality ..
Share of the third
Applications has a link to a variety of oral area to install the previous gains ...
Share of fourth
Applications written to install the gains at the dictionary and methods (to be exploited textbooks)
Adopt the same shares in the presentation and training and the application for the second lesson.
Share of ninth
Install and investment lessons 1 and 2
The third week to install and investment activities during the school weeks 1 and 2 in all
Quotas, through written exercises, or educational games or activities in parallel ...

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