Date of birth control movement.. Not to marry, as a way to stop population growth, or even if the marriage only one child, only

This movement has begun ((birth control)) since the seventeenth century, and particularly since World Premier (Malthus) (1766 1834) and his famous theory: (The people are getting geometric progression 1,2,4,6,8), and food is increasing sequencenumerical 1,2,3,4,5). was between (Malthus) in his theory that the success of development and prosperity comes from the cessation of population growth, and I think (Malthus) that this is a problem facing humanity, it must find solutions to this problem, has proposed several solutions of the most important of:

1 - not to marry, as a way to stop population growth, or even if the marriage only one child only.

2 - not to help the poor and the needy to die of starvation, and thus decreasing population size.These are the solutions developed (Malthus), the English scientist, who was a man of religion (how they will be solutions if it is not a religion?!) This was the theory of Malthus, but fell unanimously schools of economic thought and social on a global scale, and has faced much criticism from all directions. and then returned to sow the so-called Baleugenia:Must be many of us have never heard this term "Aleugenia" do not even know what it means and what hides behind the war of extermination is unaware of most of us are rules, there is no doubt that attention to health aspects of the individual and the family, society and eugenics is the main goal of the peoples of the world's developed in order to form a community, with its members physical strength and mental, but that goes beyond this to the distinction between the people and the extermination of entire peoples is something serious must stop him. And eugenics and genetically-called "Eugenia Eugenics" The word is derived from a Greek word meaning the individual good lineage and descent, noble race, is the improvement of selected group of individuals are more valid than others to possessing the qualities and hereditary desirable and encourage them to marry the man who was like them and get them to proliferate and to help them to raise their children and testing genetic wishing to marry before completion to determine the extent of what was done to their genes of malformations or genetic diseases so as to avoid injuring their children's diseases and deformities that may be passed to them from their predecessors such as heart disease, blood vessels and blood diseases such as Sickle cell anemia and thalassemia disease and bleeding (WFH) and diabetes and cystic fibrosis or lung fibrosis and muscular dystrophy, and diseases of the immune system and chromosomal abnormalities physical, sexual and other. Most people have not heard about Aleugenia and heard it thought it had ended with the defeat of Hitler in 1945 after he came Pfkrtha Sir Francis Galton, who coined the term in 1883 as it considered that the development of the right of the human race may have shifted, where led the trend of good to the wealthy and their humanity, to encourage (not righteous) to reproduce, which spoiled the mechanism of reproductive natural, and then became a race of human beings in need of some kind of child-bearing industry, dubbed "Aleugenia" means "the science of improving rights through the granting breeds more power to a better chance of rapid proliferation compared to strains at least the power. "

Due date of breeding better people to Plato At the top of "republic" was Philosophers are healthy and good high capacity to think while the low-IQ They were occupying sites minimum of hierarchy and the rulers of the Republic can afford some sort is mated desired and make available to both do well in wars, greater opportunities to give birth, and equal to the Platonic ideas of what we call today "Aleugenia positive." Explains Professor Ahmed Mostagir in his book, the biological revolution under the title of "fall down" that the essence of evolution is the reproduction of natural, the essence of Aleugenia is to replace the reproduction of natural begetting artificial conscious, in order to accelerate the development of the qualities desired and the disposal of properties is desirable in order to improve future generations at the expense of generations contemporary.He noted that the imposition of hidden is that there are people who are better than others, deserve to have children more than others and represent the next generation by more than their proportion in the current generation are increasing the descendants of "deserve" (Aleugenia positive) or decrease breed of "I do not deserve" (Aleugenia negative) explaining that the deliberate modification of the human race to social goals is what aspire to Aleugenia When overcomes human biological evolution, it will be laying the groundwork to overcome everything else, the universe will finally tamed the Bananh. Under the title "fell Aleugenia .. There were no Aleugenion .. Wars and hereditary "warned that the research topic" Aleugenia "is the study of factors under social control that may improve or impair the natural properties inherited for generations in the future, physically or mentally has publicized movement Aleugenia in the early twentieth century in Europe and America when he was genetics is still children crawl and joined them and sympathy with many of the leading thinkers, scientists, politicians, philosophers and men of money Ertrand Contact them c. C. Bernal Julian Huxley Donald Fisher Bernard Shaw Dr. Havelock Ellis. E. Lawrence H.. C.Wales and Churchill Roosevelt and John Rockefeller. It has been said that Aleugenia natural desire of the human individual and the group did not have parents at the dawn of history of any objection to the killing of a child to provide a better chance of survival rather than the death of his brother Monday as the attempts of the enemies of genocide known way to improve the chance survival of the clan. Researchers at this laboratory data related to inheritance rights and examining the records of disease and studies of extended families and studies on twins and recommended to intervene in the reproduction of human beings to raise the frequency of genes Medical socially in the clan and reducing the frequency of genes bad but for this intervention in two ways: first positive through treatment and genetics humans and the people who generate the best and the second is negative by improving the quality of the human race Ptkhalasa (degenerates Biology) by preventing the (retarded) for reproduction or resistance entering human populations through migration and illegal means. Was Aleugenion before the end of World War II, working in public but then were forced to work in secret because of their association with Nazism principles. They began the practice of "Aleugenia concealed or hidden," and distribute roles among themselves to rebuild Aleugenia Mayi-emphasize ideology over Aryan white, and other work so that abortion is legal in the entire world and the third evolution of contraception and a fourth rename the control of the resources of the world releasing the name of "preserving resources "as a prelude to regain control of it when it's late and another in the direct teaching of biology in the end to bring together all these parts are scattered and are formulated in the form of social policy. And become "American Society of Eugenia" known as "Studies Association sociobiology" and the exploitation of ambiguities and gaps laws to let the doctors Aleugenian of pro-activity Aleugeni that medical procedures normally done at the behest of the patient and their main goal is to reduce the number of strains alone and turn them into fragments of sterile because they believe there's a lot of patients, a lot of retarded many Chinese a lot of Indians, many of the Arabs, a lot of people, crowding the white man and lie down Aleugeni supreme over the land and abundant wealth does not deserve. The curb population growth of the main tasks Aleugenia encouraged a group of whites use the power of money to pay poor countries to request that part of the extermination of its people to take over the resources of the Third World. At the dawn of the twentieth century were injured senior industrialists Americans panicked when they noticed the high rate of growth of minorities and the poor and the arrival of millions of immigrants to the U.S. every year and expect a radical change to the status of racial and ethnic nation at the same time migrate when blacks from the south to the north in unprecedented numbers and the fear that increasing minorities than whites number saw the industrialists that the solution is "Aleugenia" began to elders such as Rockefeller and Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and Avril Harriman and Prescott Bush of financing the movement Eugenih encourage abortion, sterilization and euthanasia as a way to counter this "problem" the new, but the family of Harriman partner Prescott Bush, grandfather U.S. President George W. Bush, has provided funding of Nazi Germany has also set up the registration desk Aleugeni in Cold Spring Harbor, a site of the human genome project now.

Has achieved Aleugenia after the war a great success in the development and deployment of "birth control", which had originated in Althelatnaat of the last century by Margaret Sanger (1883 - 1966) Margaret Sanger, which upheld and supported the Nazi movement in Germany and also worked in the genetics of sex for the good news, She believed in what is currently proposed by the UN's human rights and individual liberty, as they were of those who believe in the doctrine of the Theosophical beliefs and the demonic origin, which calls for the worship of Satan and they have the most important organizations of the United Nations, an organization Osz Trust Lucis Trust. Which is working to publish writings and charts the movement of the new paradigm, The New Age MovementAchieved a call birth control a huge success beyond all imagination, where, during twenty-five years in the world more than a billion and a half billion abortions has decreased the average number of children per woman more than a third in a matter of thirty years and the lack of the average in all developing countries from 6.3 children to 1.6 children .

I took Aleugenia touched new approach is to transform the lifestyle and culture (society) to the Third World in order to comply more with the look of the West liberal towards sex and reproduction. As shown by name in 1950 as birth control, eugenics, Ntzim family, motherhood and childhood, and safe motherhood and health reproductive and sexual and Planned Parenthood are all work the same basic agenda for the same purpose, which is required globally to identify and exterminate birth Depopulation Of The Planet in the world, especially in the developing world.

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