The position of the canon of the Libido and the Western obsession with

The religious scholars have called for what in our country one day suppress libido, and we sanctify human nature which God has created in mankind, and we respect the desire of the male and female in a meeting convincingly saturated, and the way that marriage is only .. As for adultery, and facilitate the multiplication of its causes and to pave the paths and the acceptance of its results is accompanied by a human reaction when United begins its sun in the sunset.

And history of Arab and Islamic nation is known that he did not also Agterv Balrhbanah Agterv Ptberg ignorance and seize the symptoms on a small scale or large, described the year as a marriage adultery collective dirty words, and any boot to accept it as implied by yields in the face of its owner.

Then the Arabs during this century has afflicted their vices of successive enemy then was able to put his fingers on the Mqatlhm, and here is tightening his grip on the Khanagahm Aordam Alanov.

The cry of science and faith, which rose between us now is the hope of life, Vlhassab cohorts of young people tempted to unravel and deterioration, and determined by the author of faith Skinned and mind to forget the Lord and honor and present and future!

We know that Europe risen in recent decades raise long-term, but it is lie lie that comes some Egyptian writers to claim that the cause of her accession is Anslakhha for common curricula and the requirements of literature.

The reasons for the Advancement of something and something else the manifestations of decay, and to know the banality of our descent and the mental and psychological quote to you what he wrote of the great English "Arnold Toynbee," to realize the fact of it is subjected to the dangers of the European entity.

The diseases which are exposed to this entity is shaky are "features bright," which wants to transfer to our book are lost, such as Tawfiq al-Hakim and other people with names and positions!
Toynbee said [magazine article was published in English-Islam of Pakistan, and translated into Arabic, Iraqi Journal of the message of Islam issued by the Faculty of Theology in Baghdad, and it took us a long article profiles] under the title of a lesson from history for a modern person:
"All our efforts have failed to solve our problems through purely material, and has become a mockery of our projects bold! We pretend that we have taken great strides in the use of machinery, and labor-saving, but one of the results alien to this progress load of women over the capacity of the work, and this is what we have not seen before, Valzojat in America can not be Anasrven to the work of the house as it should ..

"The women today have two jobs: working first as a mother and wife, and the second where they are working in departments and factories, was the English woman to do this work bilaterally no hope, the goodness of and behind the work burdensome, because history has shown that periods of decline are those times that where a woman left her home ..

"In the fifth century BC when Greece reached the height of its civilization to the woman was in the work at home, and after the advent of Alexander the Great and the fall of Greece there was a movement similar to the settlement movement that we see today! ..

"They have forgotten God (and the talk of Toynbee), when they put solutions to address social ills over to the United intractable ills and tragedies big ..

"The era of the machine we created a shortage is unprecedented, a shortage of housing, for example, and creating us alternating periods of unemployment, a shortage of labor."

Toynbee says: "I walked in the way an old man who walked in today, and put the same rules to regulate the traffic, traffic, and the only difference is that first used the horse carts instead of cars, and that violation of traffic rules were not horrible and deadly as it is today ..

"The technical and industrial progress is not in itself evidence of wisdom or survival, although the civilizations that impressed and cleverly disguised mechanism but has been making a step towards suicide! ..

"One of the sources of danger to our time is that we are brought up on the cult of the nation and the worship of the banner, the worship of past history of racial and one must worship God alone and to upholding the law of God in the integration of the individual and society, but we fail to inevitable when they deviate him," says Toynbee.

The words in this article: "We have convinced me of my study of twenty-one culture to culture, creative culture is the only correct, the ones that you can solve problems emerging in different circumstances ..
"The progress of modern science has solved our problems of industrial deserved ..

"But the problems of the times is not the kind that replace in the laboratory, they are moral problems, nothing to do with the moral issues of science."

Means: that it is in this case to the logic of faith, so to say:
"This may sound strange, but the great civilizations reached maturity and ensured the integration of spiritual change!"

We say that jealous of European civilization on the causes of morbidity and hints prescribe medication cleverly, and the Egyptian journalist, it goes to the scene of messed up, appears to admire, and remember that Egypt and India were the statues of ancient living members of reproduction!!

No thought of this? How exciting to unravel the meanings as such in the mind of the writer to publish a major newspaper?

And when? In the days of the Arabs are ready for another round with the children of Israel by liberating their land and realize their revenge!

Wait what is this from the pens broke out on the absurd and the Schacht .. However, we draw to the realities of Muslim youth has been absent from his mind in the midst of the events.

The eyes Termq some people hate Islam from the depths of their hearts and waiting for opportunities to vent Dgnhm way or another.

They just get angry when we belong to Islam or affiliation with any moving traffic if intolerance of the fanatics of any other bee on the planet.

The Muslim youth that they have looked carefully and understand what the Khbayahm of blackness ..
One day he came to Al-Azhar delegation dish combines Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, Louis Awad, Tawfiq al-Hakim and others do not remind them ..

The existential philosopher and his mistress are invited to visit Cairo and the lectures ..
Who brought to the capital of Arabism and Islam to the French hamlets cast the seeds of its dissolution?!

It does not matter that people know, but it is important to warn against hidden intentions and to guard against poisonous guidance and discern the wide circle in which it operates our enemy, to destroy the beliefs Odk Hsonna many of these enemies "if we want to Eranakem Vlarafthm Besimahm."

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