Ensure in Ramadan .. Bone lost seasons and seasons of great neglect in which

To ensure getting infected if the nights of Ramadan, the blessed and revered speeches .. .. .. and maximize the catastrophe if it is in the last ten days of Ramadan!! While Almhmron in prayer and supplication and prayer and turning .. if a team of people may be prepared in the processing of the plane and the ball fields or sitting on the sidewalks to the dawn or just after dawn and then sleep until evening prayers!!
The women on the one hand, what .. It Otm pleasant market except in the last ten days of Ramadan!! In the market every day!! Every night a shopping mall!!
 Spend hours in a very happy!! And pleasant meetings in restaurants or family breaks only in the last ten days of Ramadan!! And pleasant visits here or there but in the blessed days!! Subhaan Allah .. seasons lost bone?!!
Seasons and give it great? !! Frtoa in the last third of the night?!! And wasted the prescribed prayers of the day!! 
But know, O Allaah bless that God descends in the last third of the night and say: Is it farewell answer him!! Is Moustaghfir forgive him!! Is there a means of forgiveness!!
Is Astghafrth and asked God and his call?!! Or are you in fun and omissions and negligence?!! But I learned that with the imam until he finishes wrote for him that night?! But I learned that in the last ten days of Ramadan, Laylat al-Qadr which is better than a thousand months .. much of the night that Qamha of faith and hope of reward, his previous sins will be forgiven!! So why neglect and Aladhaah?Why laziness and complacency in worship? How wonderful how things get lost this season .. great and precious those times such playing cards, volleyball, watch satellite TV!! Is not you in the Messenger of Allah r like .. says Aisha was the Messenger of Allah r If you entered the decade marked the night and wake his family, he found, and tight apron, "agreed. It is keen r in the jurisprudence in these days that it was tightening the apron of any .. retired women Achtgala worship and her sabbatical.
O by mistake Lahiya what is intended to leave and came from increased
Requests to stay safe and true I never crying to the moon tomorrow, tomorrow, those who Gadd

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