Moroccan pedagogical confusion and the curse of educational failure.. high rate of overcrowding of pupils in classes of the leading reasons for failure

Able to the public school of Morocco in the past (the sixties and seventies) to achieve its goals, especially localization and western parts of frames; several educational Bernmaj simple and a national education and Bdiedktic modest.
But now we find the public school is unable to Nhakik its goals, despite the large number of textbooks and multiple Alipidagoggiot tested and the abundance of means.
The fact that educational crisis started in the eighties any since the introduction of structural adjustment (imposed by the World Bank), where the state began Moroccan abandon Adouraha social (health and education) to achieve Toisanat macro economic; began the educational sector and other sectors out of the crisis, to enter into the other and there were many debates and seminars to develop the education sector in the rail and other projects Allganh national education and training and then Albornmaj Emergency (Almttrh version of the National Charter for Education and Training), but the results were disastrous and the failure became necessary for the School of Morocco.
Now the talk is about the application of pedagogy as an alternative to pedagogy integration skills that have not achieved little, we wonder Aaan social parties and experts from this?
Pain of Morocco finished educational projects imposed from the top?
Morocco pain benefited from his mistakes?
How can working people to apply new teaching pedagogy not Aakhadd In its opinion the latter is accountable to the light??
Even if we assume for argument that working people have applied this educational Alibdagoggio Andmn new results? Not at all pedagogy is not only a component of the Reform the educational system must include all components of the educational system and several of the programs and curricula Disdakticah and human resources...
We in the States that have succeeded in education and training good message with, Nhak There can be successful in education and training without all the plug-Aslaj educational process is related to each other and can not be separated from Alibdagoggio Albornmaj not Albornmaj from the curriculum and the curriculum for human resources and so on.
Have the right to question is there contained a strong political education reform?
What is lacking is not to say Morocco is not human resources or curriculum, but frankly, we need strong political will that drive public school forward.
Depleting potential Parties to the state fears the mainstream learning and the implications of education, enlightenment, cultural and political; for this we find that the state pays school tutoring forward and give tax concessions are important and provide him with human resources efficiently, while the public education suffers from lack of interest and Alambalah and marginalization.
Valdrsh assembly of still mired in waste and school drop-out, overcrowding and low-level learning, while the status of teachers, especially in rural areas and spoke and embarrassed;
Fberpkm How can we achieve an educational renaissance in these difficult circumstances?
How can we get out of the bottleneck and the state is worried about the political implications Altasam?
* Educational failure in the figures According to official statistics provided by the Minister before the parliamentarians and specialists with educational affairs, 40% of the students do not complete their studies, as it left the seats in the lesson more than 380 thousand children before the age of 15 years   2000 And emphasizes the study entitled "Education for all" that more than 80% do not understand what is taught them, and adds that only 16% of primary pupils have mastered the fourth preliminary knowledge of all materials provided to them.
This group of students occupied the last rank in the international math test in 2003 about 25 countries and ranked the 24 in science, while his secondary school students ranked the 40 to 45, more than half of them did not get the points minimum According to this study of the collapse of the international program of research on reading conducted in 2006, it occupied the primary fourth-grade students ranked the 43 to 45, and only a quarter of the level they reached the required minimum.
Facilities, educational institutions explain many aspects of failure diagnosis by the ministry itself.Valqaat school is good than nine thousand hall and 60% of schools in Baleraav unrelated to the electricity grid and more than 75% do not water them, while 80% have no toilets.
And provoke the ministry is also drawn to the high rate of overcrowding of pupils in classes of the leading reasons for failure, as amended up to 41 pupils per class.

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