Plans to find housing in Toronto.. system with built-in heating and air conditioning system of the stove with an oven that can work with electricity or gas depending on the nature of housing

Find housing in Toronto and its environs needs careful planning, the matter is not easy and there are several points must be introduced before moving to live in Canada, which are very important points to avoid falling into big trouble and include the following:

1- Leasing in Canada not be immediate for the most part, most of the houses become vacant after a certain period.

2- Select the quality of housing in advance that you want, Is it a house or apartment.

3- Select in advance the size of the housing they need, the basic rule is two people per room.

4- Look in the vicinity of your workplace areas, or close to your relatives and acquaintances housing, and often prefer to immigrant regions where the children of his community.

5- Decided the nature of the services that you want.

6- Decided the amount that you can pay per month.

7- If you want to install Satellite to capture the Arab stations, be sure to have housing in the appropriate direction.

And is available in all rented housing in Canada several devices include:
1- System for heating, and sometimes it is built with a system of conditioning.

2- Stove with oven can work with electricity or gas depending on the nature of housing.

3- Refrigerator-size commensurate with the size of the house.

4- Some housing is available where the washing machine for utensils.

And we must make sure that these devices work and cleanliness and safety of the leak and make sure the work of the heating system and the lack of windows leak air or water.