Defense psychological tricks.. Interpretation of logical reasons for the wrong behavior. Repressed emotional conflict transformation through the processes sensory and motor

Defense psychological tricks:
1- Exaltation (sublimation)
2- Aggression
3- offset
4- Compensation
5- Withdrawal
6- Substitution
7- reincarnation (autism)
8- Imagine
9- Circular
10- containment.
11- Conversion
12- Reverse configuration 
13- Drop
14- Justification
15- relapse
16- Denial
17- appreciation of the idea
18- Installation
19- cancellation (revocation)
20- Disassembly (insulation)
21- repression
22- Negative
23- oblivion
1- Exaltation (sublimation) is the height motives that are not accepted by society escalate to a higher level. Or higher, and expressed through socially acceptable.

2- Compensation: the individual is to try to succeed in the field to compensate for his inability to last in the field.

3- reincarnation (autism) is to combine the individual and to borrow the same as in other desirable qualities.

4- containment (Alastdmaj) is the absorption of the individual within it the values ​​of others.

5- projection: that is attributed to the individual in the same disadvantage to others. Projection reverse containment.

6- regression: is back and a retreat to a mature level of behavior.

7- Installation: personal growth is stopped at the stage of growth Aataktaha.

8- Disassembly (insulation) is to break the link between emotion and action, between contradictory behaviors, and isolate each of them in a valley far from the other.

9- negative: is the resistance of the responsibilities and pressures of the individual where he is called upon to do or avoid.
 Or something is responsible for severe disability.

10- aggression: offensive to someone other.
11- withdrawal: Escape from obstacles satisfy the motives and needs.
12- Imagine: to resort to a fantasy world.

13- Conversion: Convert emotional conflicts suppressed during the operations of the sensory and motor.

14- Justification: the interpretation of logical reasons for the wrong behavior. And justification is different from lying in that the justification does not lie, while I feel how I feel.

15- denial: denial of reality is not my feeling is painful or causes for concern.

16- cancellation (revocation) of the individual behavior of the opposite of what is already committed.

17- suppression: removal of the painful thoughts into Caourely into subconsciously so memorable, and repression differs from repression in the fact that repression includes curb and restraint subconsciously in the light of social norms.

18- oblivion: Hide the unacceptable attitudes or threatened consciousness and cognition.

19- Displacement: redirect emotions towards the trapped people, ideas, themes, or other persons or original ideas or issues that caused the emotion.

20- Substitution: to take an alternative to achieve the goal or behavior is socially acceptable.

21- Circular: to generalize the experience of certain other experiments and experiences similar or close to it.

22- Reverse configuration: the expression of motives deplorable behavior in the form opposite or in the form of anti-acceptable (usually exaggerated).

 23- is: considering the dramatic does not carry any emotional meaning of a symbol of the idea of ​​the direction or emotionally charged.

24 - appreciation of the ideal: excessive appreciation and respect, including raising the blinds from the fact the individual and deprives him of something of substance.