Marital compatibility.. Building a strong family unit with children than healthy parents feel successful. Emotional maturity and mutual understanding of the duties and responsibilities of marriage

Marital compatibility:

1- Guidance and counseling before marriage, which includesadequate preparation for marriage for marriage leads to a continuous and happiness and contentment, and private (in the case of early marriage and late).

2- Success in marriage is based on the sharing of experiencesand the formation of strong emotional ties, which helps both of the spouses to feel the satisfaction and efficiency and security.

3- Building a strong family unit with children than healthy parentsfeel successful.- Achievement of key factors such as the happy marriage of theemotional maturity of the couple and realistic trends toward marriage and mutual understanding of marital duties andresponsibilities

4- Compatibility as a result of the similarity between spouses in terms of age and level of mental and religious knowledge, attitudes and values ​​... etc.

5- Agreement on targets with respect to having children and theeconomic aspects and aspects of the activity in leisure time and relationships with relatives and friends ... etc.

6- Physical attraction and emotional closeness and sexualcompatibility.

7- The safety of environmental factors and appropriate standard of living.