Structure of symmetry: "drunken days to" Saad Allah and news.. Text-to-space of possibilities and questions that ask the recipient to contribute in finding the answer to her

In the context of his answer to the question of Mary Elias on writing "Days Drunk" to the extent concern the process of writing itself, or the subject of the play, he replied Saadallah news, saying: "This is the privacy of writing for the theater for me. I think of theater and the subject which I write. Any writing the theater is, always, these two things Almtlazeman who have already spoken much with them: the substance and the subject of the play of the hand, and the re-examination in the theater itself as an expression or as a species literary and artistic on the other. You must have noticed, during the Aheditna long to what extent is the stage structure with a concern for me. I often feel that this structure previously used previously, have been exhausted, and I am no longer able to be replicated or restored. The success of the mission, of course, depends on harmony between the vision that carried the play and the new structure proposed by or used by the writer.
In my new job, there is an attempt to blow up some form of theater, to enrich its capabilities. There is a large variety of forms of narrative, in the sense that the narrative is no longer just an external component from the event through the storyteller or narrator".
This answer keys to move closer to the play "drunken days," whether at the level of the structure or vision.Fbnah the play, in a formal, narrative strategy, as built, Modoatia, to think in different cases parallel with the review of the theater itself in terms of being a tool or genera expressive. For this structure a close relationship vision that carried the play. It is clear from the words of Saadallah news that the vision has a bearing dimension twofold: technically and ideologically at the same time. It comes from a technical point blow up the theater drained form, this becomes blown up, in terms of ideology relates to a specific look at the reality carried by this form. Has been through the same news about this being blown ideological, in another context, to "break the sanctity Démystification ".
Can say that the play "drunken days" based on the background Mitamsarhah clear-cut, structurally and visionary. Instruments reflected in the diversification levels of the narrative and include a letter about the meditative instrumental theater and putting quality, and therefore aims to establish a poetic drama Mga built undermine consumer and assess her place new structures, in the horizon Search for al Qaeda, which is assigned to see profanity at the reality.
Interestingly, in the play "drunken days" is the narrative that the game remains as a solid ground, which worked out perfectly and news, as long considered an essential means to develop a vision for the theater, located in the same time. The text is a combination of expressive possibilities to invest the play of the narrative, including: multiple narrators, overlapping stories, narrative and spread reductionist narrative, in order that construction of Mtejelha absorbed by the structure expressed by the news the same symmetry or inversion.
In speaking of the method adopted in the cut text "drunken days," confirms ":" I have no chapters or scenes, and there are no traditional cut. There are scenes or situations sequence, with narration and Alerajos stranded. In the old Arabic books were using the authoring paragraphs and they called classes, but classes were not in the modern sense. There may be a kind of coherence between the chapters, but it may notify the author that the digressions of the type to say the idea is not directly related to the subject, and since it is not directly related to the subject can be linked via the primary or inversion symmetry, etc.. Through this relationship we get to the general sense ".
The Benina drama based on the principle of symmetry or inversion or parallel narrative, made ​​it a tapestry of intertwined tales Court of forging, yarn and related tissues are extended to serve the vision reflected in the text about the disjointed world of a family, socially, and morally corrupt and politically.
Tells the play "days drunken" for grandson discovered with the growth of awareness and curiosity evidence (grandmother forgotten that do not visit a) indicates, with certainty, that in his family Dmla covers it all, and convinced that he would not settle down in his name and identity only if discovered this boil and Vqoh. This was not a boil, in fact, than the fact that family exploded from the inside because of the escape of the mother with her ​​lover in the resulting dispersion of family members and their involvement in different paths - some suspect - all reflect a reality full of contradictions and moral and political realities terrible.
I have opened the search for truth boil the family of the text horizons narrative and Tejealah wide, confirmed by the text itself, consisting of twenty-six chapters entitled, and corroborated fabric of tales that extends from the beginning to the end, which rotates the narrative chapters narrated by multiple, and contribute to building dramatic encounters, relationships and confrontations between the characters . The principle of symmetry, which establishes the process in the narrative text may open the way for so-called - the language of Daramatorgia - multiple scenes transit Scénes de transition Scenes that make up the Task Alerajos a key component of its components.
The grandson, which ranges established in the play between the narrator and sometimes listed him at other times denies the possibility of going into the story of this family through the logic of the serial, because it includes many of the misconceptions and gaps. So, it will be Valahath uncritically and without a large focus on the good relay and coordination. Indeed, after the search process that transformed the text correspond to the maze of narrative tales, where the parallel fates of the characters, soon convinced the grandson extracts translated by the young core group within the task Alerajos diagnose the role of a grandson:
"The young man found the abscess abscesses, and the way the truth and the maze of gaps. I find no choice but to imagine, and I ride the viewer, instead of the truth has prepared the formulation of the family in the novel".
The process of re-drafting this course in front of us imagined a theater based on the
Symmetrical composition of several parallel stories, operate Kmraiya relative to each other, namely:
- The story of Sana grandmother, who ran away from home to stay with her ​​lover Habib, etc. During the incident the backgrounds of escape (to write a letter to the husband, to convince Laila discreet) and its effects on the family (loss of Leila ability to speak, out Sarhan and Salma from the house and locked in the worlds of pleasure and contraband) . This is in addition to the psychological condition experienced by Sana in the House of Habib, especially after he found her son Adnan and tried to kill her, a situation which led to her depression and think of death.
- Gaita and Adnan Sarhan. These two brothers who Anhdra from the same home, but I was a university student who quickly turned to the help of mullet smuggler managed to achieve great wealth. The second was that it ended gendarmes to despair after remained a lifelong advocate for fixed values ​​collapsed because of the escape of his mother.
- Gaita sisters Layla and Selma. First grandchild or a researcher for the family and the fact that she married a comprehensive Alserawan fighter and lived her life with him until his death in battle against the French, which was hit very disappointed by the escape of her mother. The second has opted out of the house and carved a path for itself quickly made ​​it a suspicious encounter her brother Sirhan to become his partner in the trade of pleasure.
- The story of Abdul Qadir Tahhaawi father who was stabbed in his honor and dignity because of the escape of his wife, Sana, a story are recovered Slokath in bed doubles and its relationship collapsed with his wife, and restored also the frustrations reach the limit of crying and that was spurt in Doakhlh questions about the secret escape of his wife, and thinking of marriage and forget the past Sana, which was escaping the cause of the emergence of a trade dispute with her ​​brother Bahjat.
- Tales of the Task Alerajos which permeate the text through the scenes, people in the first season bragging between the cowl and hat, and told in the second scene the story parallel to the story of Sana on a strong hold and that has developed between Safiya Bare and the young nephew of her husband Rifki gas militant nationalist, which led her to commit crime of the century and the poisoning of her husband in order to devote themselves to this love, and the resulting trial of the exciting. The third scene of the Task Alerajos, he was the "separation of the stadiums and the Rings," which recounted the story of the whole play is to make it turn itself into a mere story of the parallel stories of the other.
All of these stories that we tried did not Stadtha here and organized to allow absorbing, and does not provide in the text directly, but are subject to the type of distribution is similar to the distribution of music, plays the writer role of the "Maestro" who knows when authorized for this musician or that, for this machine or that, sectional performance. The performance of the task becomes almost Alerajos into something like a "choir" as long as the scenes are the echo or reflection of what is going on from the events in the play. The scenes of this band Tjoivia a key role to play within the play.
The text of the "drunken days" based on multiple points of view of narrative, because the purpose of which is to take the truth of its various facets. This installation narrative is the workout of the structure of analog are diagnosed and thinking at the same time, in order to establish a lattice of Mga theater undermine the structure of the sequence and the sequence (the structure of Aristotelianism as we know) that reflect an in-depth kind of ideology based on the consistency and harmony, in order to establish the structure of an analog place surrounding the complex reality.
In fact, not consistent even under diagnosis of the logic of the sequence, but is a compound of gaps and illusions and mazes you need to refill through the imagination, as you need to drill multi-layered to reveal the truth lost by similar loss of loss of the "needle in the dustbin," as stated by the Alerajos.
As long as the achievement of something really difficult and impossible, the compensation is through the story. Valerajos spokesman said Saadallah news himself:
"Alerajos: the story alone is that relieve suffering and cure wounds. And while learning how to turn human calamities to the stories shared by the ears and the wind and times, he discovers a magic balm for the wounds and pain".
Perhaps this is what drives us to establish a link between the letter and the letter of the author Alerajos is disclosed the concept of writing the same when Saadallah news, especially in his last days
Which was facing the specter of death due to cancer.
Writing has become a kind of "personal freedom" purpose "test is right" and "break the sacred". To achieve this required the construction of the imagined theatrical narrative strategy based on self-conscious and their abilities to diagnose the reality. Hence, to understand why was a "story" and the functioning of the news in his play "drunken days," as a tool for the diagnosis and the subject of reflection and meditation at the same time.
It is no doubt that the play "drunken days," reflected, clearly, one of the key concerns of the experimental Mitamsarh in the Arabic text, which is obsessed with the construction of the lattice Mga Arab theater. The aesthetic principle of symmetry chosen as permitted by the multiplicity of tracks in the narrative and the diversity of views. This is in addition to the diagnostic ability of the reality of the facts is full of mysterious and complex.
Although inspired by the fundamental principle of the poetic heritage of the Arab stocks, the formula adopted by the text of the "drunken days" made ​​it a modernist poetry with all specifications. The indication of this, the play is an "open text" formally and Tagged based on the subtle blending between the components of narrative and drama, and reflects the vision of profanity and relative believes that truth is vague and deep and tangled. This poetic renounce poetry simulation based on Aristotelian harmony Gaii (unit event), and the principles of trying to construct an alternative account of the re-imagined rather than real, which has great interest in Aristotle, does not necessarily provide   What approve the horizon   Waiting on the sidelines and therefore not subject to the principle of probability and necessity, as long as they do not provide a reality or reality of ready prepared in advance. It's about to "test the right thing", this procedure converts the text to the space of possibilities and questions that ask the recipient to contribute in finding the answer to it. Tales "drunken days" are to rebuild according to the conditions of reception and then we can say that poetry spoken theater   Built by the news here and create for themselves the potential to receive a private, which is fueling the modernist propensity.

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