Pavas: Meta Theatre thematic and rhetorical structure based on two basic properties: thematic self-supply and self-

Patrice knows Pavas Meta Theatre - in the theatrical lexicon - is saying: "Theater Achkalath stationed around the theater, any theater," speak "for himself, and displays the same". This definition refers briefly to the subject of this   Type of theater and how it provides this topic. Or Simply stated, it is Almitamsarh structure of thematic and rhetorical at the same time. These two properties on the basic structure: the thematic self- Autothématisme   And presentation of self Autoreprésentation .
First make the property subject of the theater is the theater itself and issues of aesthetic components of  And intellectual problems and difficulties, either as art or literature or space or institution or otherwise. The second characteristic refers to the thematic structure that you need to Benina Structuration By distinct forms of discourse and Daramatorgih theater. The significance of this rhetorical dimension - in the eyes of Pavas - in fact possible, "the analysis of each play from the position of the author   About language and about the production". It seems that this perception endorsing the position of Chmilng which stressed the need for a distinction between two levels of the speech in Almitamsarh: speech drama and speech Mitadrama, considering the latter close to the discourse narrative because it includes "dimension of narrative in terms of the fact that playing in the second-class directed born aesthetic and monetary authority can not be the only authority of the author himself ".
  The Almitamsarh - from this angle - is a new building to put the author in the fantasy drama. Perhaps the most accurate formula to express this situation is the formula that returns to Sarazak who spoke about the concept of the author - the epic Auteur Rhapsode Who does not hide behind his characters, as is the case with the classical author, but get out to the front of the events and express his views and positions directly through his work using different techniques.

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