Chmilng: Meta Theatre scene in which a thinker.. Theater within the theater is a kind of literary history in the work itself has the function of interpretive Mahith require reference to what belongs to the tradition of horseshoe and sensitize the receiver development

Starts in Chmilng selected for Mitamsarh in his book "Almitamsarh and intertextuality: aspects of the theater within the theater Métathéâtre et Intertexte: Aspects du Théâtre dans le Théâtre "Out of a new benefit of the theory   It Alhermenoutiqa literary intertextuality, where looking at how it is made ​​thinking of the text Almitadrama theatrical kind of literary history perfect stage performance, and in their contribution to the theater within the theater in the building Herrmnoutiqa literary.
It is intended Hmelg Balmitamsarh each action based on the play within the play, whether achieved through a full figure known theater within the theater or through other forms, because the basis on which requires his presence is what is called Balamadaafh.
The double face of beauty is in the levels of play that result in multiple receive multiple perspectives, and philosophical face is "contemplative," which form the backbone of this complication. To listen to him and he knows Meta Theatre, saying: "We, as compared to the concordance, which hosted the structural between literature - topic meta - literature, to express Bmustlha Theatre - subject Mitamsarh the way the two major theater is thinking it and play within the play. But whatever the labels used, we note they contain a common element we can call "dramatic play shaped the thinker" that appears across the contemplative nature of different levels" .
Consistent with the hypothesis, which was launched from it, try Chmilng highlight the relationship between Almitamsarh as a meditative and multiplier and the history of literature, confirmed that "theater within the theater is a kind of literary history in the work itself, because it includes, like every form of thinking which, in cash or sentenced literary past in general, and on the conditions of production and receive particular type. Therefore, it can be to Mitamsarh   The interpretive function Mahith require reference to what belongs to the tradition of horseshoe and sensitize the recipient to develop. It is, therefore, the face of literature."
This imaging reconsider the classical concept of the history of literature, who was dating the facts of literary non-literary production, not from within, to offset a new concept emphasizes the character Mahit for this date as a procedure associated with dramatically based on the multiplier and contemplative, and take advantage of some of the mechanisms Almitamsrahih full (theater inside the theater) or peripheral (Introduction prologue Conclusion   Epilogue , Address the audience, choir, theater bombing role, intimacy, play a prompt to enter).
The importance of imaging in Chmilng is drawn to the key components in Almitamsarh: one considers a structural form based on double Tjoivia and contemplative, and the second Hermnotiqi and literary history of the building is immanent in the work of theater. This perception as it helps us to adjust the structures underlying the Almitamsarh in the work, as it necessitates the need to develop these structures in a dialectical relationship between production and reception, detection, therefore, the process of theater.

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