Types of skills.. Self, social, economic, communicative, cultural, strategic, technological

Classified according to skills curriculum owners, there was a self-skills related to the development of self, in order to develop personality of the learner, and social skills for viable investment in social transformation; to meet the needs of the country's social development And viable economic skills of the discharge in the economic and social sectors are contributing to the integration of the learner Productive sectors in the service of development, which is no doubt that these classifications have opened the way for a number of questions about how to assess each of those items they propose to teachers, and is there a specific methodology to evaluate the achievements of students and recognize them as belonging to thisCategory or the other?

Classified as skills needed by the learner to the basic competencies: a set of procedural objectives
Integrated into the status of specific learning, these goals are not just Procedural objectives, but is a highly specific activities Based on the content of courses, and completed the mediation mental ability or a sense of mobility.

There are types Other skills that are a reflection of society's values ​​and objectives, including communication skills, cultural, strategic and technological ...