Sadness never ends.. Lack of gravity, but has the mind and wisdom, sobriety

Were not enough to enjoy the beauty ... But the lack of gravity, and to be fair was Kaaama girls ..Excellence was calm and the lack of words .. Sobriety of reason and wisdom, like the old man in his sixties, despite being in the age of flowers .. The scarf was a shame .. Hard work and patience was in the process of study and work .. Was a delicate sense of ... Full of warmth and tenderness ..Funniest lyrics caressed the ears of the listener .. The world can have a heart .. Musameh .. This was the lover.
I wondered when I saw her eyes in a sea of sadness .. Residents sometimes Kscon night, and Thaer volcano in the other times violent ... I did not have Arit days in grief on her face despite the simplicity of her family and lack of money,
I asked her timidly on the status of dark sadness that she's feeling lately, I breathed deeply as if they want to emit the grief inside, and said: I want to live in a place far ... Away from this world who does not understand the meaning of love does not want to understand .. I want to live in another world and a single ... I want to live with the birds .. Oh, if I am a bird sings and sings songs of love and aspirations for lovers ... Oh, if you seek shade tree with loved ones ... Oh, if I rose in the garden of Emir of my heart to stay near him ... Oh, if I am the sea breeze to Istnhqna ... To swim between the corners Rotah and dance to his heart ... Ah ... Ah .... 
I would like to escape from his world ... Disengagement from the constraints of his love ... I want to escape to where I do not see ... I want to resort to the tops of mountains ... To the deserts ... Into the woods ... To the shores of seas and oceans ... I want to shed tears and cried until the drowning .. But raised the banner of rebellion ... Is not it my right to cry?! ... Is not it my right to love?! What is my fault if my heart to a man who may not feel ... Blade feelings ... Stolid ... A man who impressed himself and his family center ... Does not see this world from the nose is the severity of vanity ... I wish I broke into his heart impregnable wall full of weapons and the guards ... I want to knock the door of his heart closed strongly ... I hope if I find his key ... But the most powerful ... His looks firearms kill me .....
- When I heard these words I screamed!! Is this the feeling?! If you do not Takbrene?! Perhaps estimated feelings towards him?
- I smiled a dry smile and then she says ....
Love will remain buried in my heart all my life ... Etched in my mind ... I share this not a secret ... I will live in torment and suffer it cauterized ... I will remain a prisoner waiting for his ... You have chosen to walk the long way that I do not see an end ... I chose this path full of thorns ... I do not care if my feet and my eyes bled tears of pain if ... Would walk and walk until the end ... Even feel ..So feel ... Even aware of what I did to him ..
- I liked the strength and determination and self-esteem, and I said to myself, sure that this girl that I knew I no longer know at the same time from the remains of the centuries old .. Of citizens of the world is obsolete .. There is no doubt that they were breathing from the time of the girl's modesty ...Wear and adorn herself with dignity and literature Mukluk Azza breathing.
And before we parted to divide us the conditions of life after Hdit on her hand and I called her success in her love.
The years passed without feeling and the sudden ... The Glory of status changer from event to event and the time the case is impossible.
This is uttered when it met in the road holding hands with children in the third age and accompanied by a tall man ... Showed signs of wealth .. Handed over to them, and curiosity took her on the side inquired what I see? It is this man? ... Shone and her face and her eyes shined a shiny amazing ...Prisoner of ... She said, her voice cut I have won without his love I share a secret ... He is the man who suffered for it ... Is the same.
I said: Who said patience, sincerity of a tree once, but sweet fruit.