Life experiences and through

There are people from carrying on biting the hand that well done to him, as if seen in charity to a kind of humiliation give it back ill retaliation because of malice Edition The Prophet peace be upon him: "Father, Malignant Self to come out of this world what is dear to one of the best to them" . must be in our balance between our giving of ourselves and our giving to others, and we must not waste the years of our lives in vain so as not to discover in a moment that we have lost our lives for the people did not appreciate this tender, but deny him Jahdan in the blink of an eye, and all of us to ensure that the our strong relationship with God, protect us from the vagaries of the days and ingratitude of men, and that we have the courage to cope with life, in spite of the misfortunes and pain and satisfaction with,
And that in all wisdom, and everything meaningful, and the most beautiful manifestations of courage, the courage to forget abuse or often stand between us and ourselves over the years, to thank in our gut than done to us one day, after we discover how provoked in us potentials emerged to the kind of dice mind from those of abuse, and be surprised how much they Avaduna do not know from where we do not know. 
If we treat people as leniency, compassion and altruism, which treats us Balglth, or less anything as long as we want to avoid failure in all attempts to repair and return to his senses.
And sincerity in the words of the poet:
As one does not only take care of Tklva So leave him regretting not abound
And nice to be characterized by one's compassion, altruism and awareness of conscience and respect the rights of others, the more the better happiness, but that Ttoada some people who have changed their spots and impressions together, and changed their perception of others and to themselves, and disappeared smile from their faces, and disappeared in the clouds of material, and got lost in the orbits of the dirham and the dollar, and missed their moral scruples, and Atsvo selfishness and the death of conscience, to find, rights are intransigent and determined what they are in it, and God bless Imam Shafi'i when he said: darker oppressors of the same humility of those who do not honor him, and wanted to love those who do not benefit them.
Many of the people in our country do not appreciate sometimes humility, always consider him naive and Basta sense negative, and many such examples, while showing compassion and concern for someone will be you have questions and doubts of many, even by the person you are interested in it, may think misgivings or otherwise vanity and arrogance of some Psychologists attribute the manifestations of envy, malice and hatred to the dominant traits of some people because of their failure in their lives, and Antoaúhm on themselves.
Finally, there is no better treatment of these behavioral abnormalities inherent attributes of a return to our souls and our lives, which disappeared somewhat Kalakhalas recognition and gratitude, honesty and friendship that has become rare these days .... And ... That the human meaning of his life looking for the characteristics of human relationships at work and in love, and that the goal of rights in this life is the foremost achievement of his humanity by doing good and giving that is life.