Life hell without hope

Half Rights expresses its condition and the other half reflects what he wants to be, this is what Oskar Wilde and if this is true since the early age and I am a small child is not aware of all aspects of life something you are interested Avalma small as not fit mentally to understand what is going on around me of events and fluctuations The race in the realm of life, has since become fond of monitoring people's actions and event Btabaúahm different, you always dwell on those men who wear glasses gold marching towards their work steadily in the tranquility and dignity and place of this scene have a dramatic impact on me as i got a sense of mystery I do not know what it might be I do not know its causes but I realized I was I search for something vaguely not stand for what became
Confused about my situation and pain me so, I found myself I search for the perfect searched him in the natures of men and features of the Senate looked for it in the folds of books, philosophers and wise men, even in the biography of great men who have left Basmathm the march of history and changed the course of life starting from the knowledge of the change in suddenly and took the status of great myself started to look forward to the prospects for a promising future I dream to be a significant great, I was thinking of improving the circumstantial and the creation of myself to get to my ultimate goal and has these thoughts came to me from time to time in the internal package of questions sleeper I've learned since then how to give her sleeping pills and was growing up in an internal revolution of doubt and faith about the ambition and the future, but you have been trained to suppress the development of tools question before it was seen by some people this ambition just delirium Fey will disappear with the passage of years, but it was different with me just because I grew up within the confines of a conservative family and maintains its traditions and is a sound education for their children the subject of pride and dignity have , where are these values ​​and concepts and the preservation of cultural heritage, the foundation of life that we live in our present and our future based on this principle, the straight began my fault way forward is to fit aspects of science and knowledge and to work hard to achieve my goals, so held myself that do not retract one iota what I believe him and continue my determination and persistence so I was always ambitious and dream to be a great day respected him a great place in society and in the hearts of the people that opened my eyes in a world full of challenges and race in the realm of life I did not find it seemed only to Ozahm and enter in the racing arena and break the barriers, and uprooted roots so as not to be trampled in the ant race track must Othai to race because we live in an era of globalization, the era of speed insane at the time changed the meaning of humanity and changed the concepts apply in the time it became a saying "survival of the fittest rather than thefittest."