Allocation and distribution of resources according to the requirements of its strategic plan and plans completed

This axis defines the requirements that must be respected by the institution for the allocation of resources and distribution in accordance with the requirements of its strategic plan and plans for completion, requiring the achievement of the following criteria:
** Planning to provide the necessary resources in time for the implementation of each programmed activity;
** Use of appropriate infrastructure to carry out the activities;
** The organization and distribution and create the spaces;
** Consider the environmental aspects associated infrastructures;
** The involvement of suppliers and interested parties in determining the need for the acquisition of different resources;
** Cooperation with key suppliers to help them improve their services;
** Use of procedures to evaluate and select suppliers in the field of material resources;  
** Foundation provides the inventory of Mmonin Palmmonin and a list of accredited;
** Monitor the compatibility of the data included the procurement documents before sent to the Mmonin;
** Check the properties and safety of tools and equipment acquired in accordance with the procedures in force;
** Data analysis techniques developed by tribal;
** To ensure ease of achieving justice and resources.