What are the basic components of the activity groups according to the pedagogy?.. Distribution of time on the stages of completion of work

- To be clear: should therefore make sure that everyone has understood, and improves registration in order to be accessible to each party.  
- Getting Started thinking individual stage: lasting from minutes or five minutes in which all students gather ideas and resources on the issue at hand, and recorded in the paper, to incorporate them later Mjlobac with his colleagues in the group.  
- The impact of the requirement of written, suitable for children up to review their work, and even follow the course of professor activity, unless the objectives of the activity requires the opposite: in cases of work on memory, for example, or the ability to test Alambadehh or improvisation.
- Distribution of time on the stages of completion of work: studies in this area confirms that the more the duration of the "task" specific and short whenever the production was better. In addition, the students favored this time, disciplined, and they live as a challenge.
- Completion of a collective analysis of the results of each group: through:
* Comment Results
* Repair through continuous interaction with students
* Additional complementary data of vaccinated
* Enriched with fresh data, like al-Qaeda, which organizes all the results reached by the students ..
This method of analysis that would contribute to building a personal student of at least three reasons:
* Give the department a clear picture of potential
* Able to re-organize the knowledge generated in the arms of the group
* Ensure that seeks to effect its creation activity in the total
- Commissioning the work of an individual to continue to: be in the form of exercises or additional study, or research, or edit ... Proceeds support the learning and nurtures in the section.

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