New system to facilitate and accelerate the brain drain process owners to Canada.. management and speed up the process of selecting applications for permanent residence visas in six months or less

The Canadian government is seeking to change the immigration system for 2015 in order to accelerate the brain drain process owners from all over the world to a country that is a popular destination for many researchers on migration due to the quality of life and standards of living.

Starting from January 1, 2015, will create a Canadian Visa Expert clients to the system developer migration named rapid entry "Express Entre" Express Entry to Canada; a system that would manage and expedite the process of selecting applications for permanent residence visas in six months or less.

It is noteworthy that the demand for highly skilled workers is still taking in growth in Canada, and this is the reason why the Canadian government will launch a new system for quick access "Express Entry," which will accelerate the migration to the new skilled migrants from all over the world process.

"Entre Express" system and also eliminate delays and improve the selection process to meet the needs of employers Canadians.

It also is noteworthy that the more efficient migration program means more jobs for Canada and more of the labor force of the Canadian economy.

It will aim "Entre Express" system to provide local companies access to skilled staff from all over the world, and this economy can accommodate additional talent.

While registration is available on the government website, Canadian Visa Expert provides personalized and professional service in every step of the immigration procedure, from the initial assessment and even get a visa.

The Canadian Visa Expert specializes in helping clients a full understanding of the immigration process, and determine the level of eligibility, and assembly of full immigration file.

Immigration consultants and the Canadian Visa Expert registered with the Regulatory Council for Mscharia immigration to Canada ICCRC they Moakpon of the latest developments concerning the new standards for Express Entry Pool.

The Canadian Visa Expert encourage more people and families to provide applications early.
There has never been a better time for legal migration to Canada so quickly.

As one of the most successful countries in the world, Canada occupied the top of the list of countries in terms of quality of life and standards of living.

In the process consists of two steps Mpsttin, Canadian Visa Expert make it easier for applicants to enter the Express Entry Pool and Job Bank even be chosen by one of the employers was having "an invitation to apply for a permanent visa" from Canadian officials.

Upon issuance of the introduction of an invitation by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, will be specialists with the Canadian Visa Expert complete and submit an application for permanent residence on behalf of the company's customers within 60 days (LCA) time frame.

The final results will be equipped for a visa for permanent residence in Canada within six months or less in accordance with the new standards for rapid entry system "Express Entry".

And it can get more information about the program of rapid entry "Express Entre" or about the services provided by the Canadian Visa Expert to its customers, by visiting the company's website.