Help visually-income immigrants in Ontario, Canada.. provide housing rental prices are appropriate or subsidized by the government to the owners of the few entry

The lack of a wide choice of housing in front of the faint-entry, any initiative to resolve this problem would be their hello.

In 1999, the Ontario government promised under the leadership of Mike Harris and the support of the federal government's $ 50 million budget annually to help provide affordable rental housing suitable.

But red tape and concerns of municipalities about the sustainability of this aid froze these amounts, and only 7 million only distract them this year.

Now the Ontario government began to realize these problems and is working to develop solutions to overcome them, so she launched a pilot project to give municipalities more flexibility to take advantage of this big budget.

Rather than wait until the free government-backed housing to the owners of the few in, can for needy families get assistance wherever they live, as the provincial government made promises to the municipalities to continue to provide this support in the long term as the budget has been allocated until 2005.

The municipalities fear that have to pay the bills for those families when the budget expires.

And to provide the government to its promise of continuity, you feel satisfied and municipalities are ready to help in solving the problem of 61 thousand families and a person listed on the list of those in need of aid.