Owners and students of Sigmund Freud.. wilhalham Cetkl. Franz witlez. Otto Rank. Individual Adler. Carl Gustav Jung President of the World Association of psychological analysis

Owners and students of Sigmund Freud:

- Of his companions:

Sachs, opinion, Salzman, Zilborg, Hoise, Frankel, Rwinlz, Semel, who are all Jews.

- Ernest Jones:

historian Freudian biography, Christian generators, an atheist ideology, Jewish feeling and affection, so they stripped him the title of: Jewish emeritus.

- wilhalham Cetkl, Franz witlez:

mportant members in the group Freud but they had got out of the minor differences dealt with theories or methods.

- Otto Rank (1884 - 1939):

has developed a theory based mainly on the original ideas of Freud with someimportant amendments, and highlights of his theory that the deep shock of Birth continue to impact on the human impact endless quest later to regain his poise and growth.

- Individual Adler:

Born in Vienna (1870 - 1937 AD), has joined the group Freud early but parted with him after that founding a school called School "individual psychology" replacing motives nationality when Freud number of social drivers with an emphasis on the will power and effort emotional.

- Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961 AD):

was born in Zurich, a Christian, ambush Freud president of the World Association of psychological analysis, but went to his teacher thought that this school analytical one-sided and immature, and had he left a profound impact on Freud. The theory (analytical psychology), pointing to the existence of a greater driving force is the energy of life, stressing the role of unconscious experiences related to ethnicity or race.

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