Luxor.. Buoy. Imari facility. Ancient Karnak. New Karnak. Qurna. The tomb of King Tutankhamun


The city consists of two parts land east and the west, separated by the River Nile immortal. The eastern mainland during Pharaonic times called city neighborhoods where religious temples and palaces of kings, princes and ministries, embassies and the homes of priests, employees and the general public, as was the west called the city of the dead where funerary tombs and temples. The total area of the city 277 square kilometers km2.

Followed Luxor   6 Heachat are:

  • Luxor 
  • Awamiya 
  • Imari facility
  • Ancient Karnak
  • Karnak new
  • Qurna
  • Luxor away from the south of Cairo about   670 km and north of the city of Aswan, about 220 km.

Luxor city celebrates its National on 4 November and this date was the anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun a Pharaonic Dynasty 18 at the hands of the English archaeologist Howard Carter.
Luxor number 208 schools and 2 colleges and institutes.
The agricultural area of 39,446 acres and viable space reclamation of about 45,000 acres, is the most important agricultural crops of sugar cane - wheat - corn - clover.

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