Molecules to protect against deadly ricin.. Treatment complications cases of food poisoning caused by toxic substances such as cholera Alchiga

Molecules to protect against deadly ricin:

French researchers discovered the first molecules effective protection from toxic ricin, which can be used as a biological weapon, according to a study published Thursday in the scientific journal "Cell". 
These molecules provide treatment complications cases of food poisoning caused by toxic substances Other such Alchiga and even cholera, according to the Nuclear Energy Commission and alternative energies and other bodies involved in the research.

The ricin from materials that are subject to as much control as possible as it is used in cases of political killings and crimes biological and suicides, according to a UNHCR statement.

And increased the assassination of Bulgarian journalist Georgi Markov in 1978 fame ricin which can be extracted from the seeds makes them ricin oil which is used in soap and oil brakes, according to experts.

Because of the absence of any counter to this article can not address the effects on the body and show symptoms of poisoning after a few hours of exposure to them and lead to death after three to five days. 
Daniel Jelle said a researcher at the Commission in an interview with Agence France-Pressethat after the September 11 attacks / September 2001 issue of "conditions anthrax" several countries decided to start research work "about the treatment and disinfection of ricin."

Among the 16,500 thousand chemical element the researchers were able to isolate only three molecules capable of preventing the toxic effect of ricin.

The expert said that to get "real medicine" is counter poison may "require several years." 
He added that in addition to the importance of addressing the issue of bioterrorism found that this partial "effective against toxins threaten the health of the mark" and cause diseases associated with the bacterium Bacillus coli.

And likely that the discovery will help to reduce the disease, which sometimes be fatal, particularly in children under the age of three, because of the toxins substance Alchiga cause diarrhea Nzvia sharply in some cases, damage red blood cells and kidney damage.

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