Syria and bet on the time.. President Bashar kill people to control them

Syria and bet on the timeM
Clear from the words of head of the Syrian diplomacy Minister Walid Muallem, and through military movements near the Turkish border that Damascus chose at this stage to pursue a policy of confrontation with the outside, which raises his voice in protest against the behavior of security against its opponents at home, rather than respond to the voices of European objecting, sounds Turkish Nasahh.

What was said by the teacher in his press conference is what has largely been left President Bashar al-Assad in his speech, which could infer from it that there is sharing of roles between the two speeches: While the intent Assad's speech dealing with the problems of home and refused to detail in the theory of «conspiracy» Foreign Affairs, and focused instead on promised reforms and draft new laws that were being prepared, the press conference, Foreign Minister directed more to the outside, he wiped Europe from the world map, and alerted the neighboring Turkey it is that you need lessons in democracy, as mentioned by those who have forgotten, that Syria does not like interference in Lebanon, in commenting on the recent clashes in the city of Tripoli between the demonstrators against the Syrian regime and others in favor.

However, it has the intent and seriousness of change and openness in the inside, do not have to worry about the voices that urged him to reform, even if it came from abroad, especially as this abroad does not require the system to leave, so far, but would respond to the demands of this reform and to stop the face of protest to demand the arms. Therefore, questioned who heard the speeches in the intentions of the reform of the system, the response of officials in the European Union is an initiative to tighten sanctions on a number of figures of Syria and Iran, which said it supports the crackdown on protests in Syria, also launched the Secretary-General of the United Nations this Calendar exceptional candor Assad's positions, saying it «lacks credibility».

And the adoption of escalation with the outside, it seems that the Syrian regime has chosen to exercise the game bet on the time, he knows well, he is betting that the cohesion of outer face is missing, because of the attitudes Russian and Chinese, which has refused to date any action against Damascus in the Security Council . The betting on the difficulty of taking military action against Syria, similar to what happened in Libya, which was confirmed by al-Moallem at a press conference, citing that Syria does not have the wealth to Libya, which is paid at his actors to intervene, hoping to invest their attitudes to by the opposition through oil sales, after control of the opponents on the system. Although the teacher was frank in saying that the «chance» Syria that it does not have such wealth, and thus do not constitute a target for foreign intervention, what he could add also, that the misfortune of Syrian dissidents they afflicted system is betting on the absence of natural resources in the his country to continue to crush his opponents, not to be one abroad able to stop it.

As we said, Syria is not a bet on a new time, is betting on the objectors to lose patience, and that the campaign lose its momentum of Foreign Affairs, the West and re-calculations to estimate the so-called Syria's role «Central» in the region, which the West has done in previous confrontations with Damascus. However, what seems the Syrian regime is not well understood today, is that this confrontation is the nature of the other victims are this time, Syrian, not Lebanese, Iraqis or Palestinians, and the sacrifices in the past, and the West, who was willing to make deals in the past, will not be able to have today, with the system as practiced practiced Damascus with its people.

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