City of Sohar.. Forts in the Batinah region of Oman. Haba Valley. And Valley Aahn. Valley Jizzi

City of Sohar:

Sohar is teeming with monuments scattered in its territory, but the most important of all is the "Castle Sohar" which is one of the most important castles and forts in the Batinah region Omani all, due to its excellent location and the significant role played over the past centuries. Due date of construction to the end of the thirteenth century and the beginning of the fourteenth century, reflecting archaeological excavations discovered around the castle in 1980 that construction is due to the fourteenth century on the southern edge of the city and that "princes of Hormuz" They who have built in the reign of kings built Nabhan.

Sohar Castle:

Featuring Sohar Castle inside the existence of a tunnel to a distance of ten kilometers to the west, where the Buraimi Oasis And was being used "as a supply line and Supply" by the horses when the castle is in a state of siege in a time of war. Inside the castle Sohar There are several water wells for drinking, also spread by several towers have been used for monitoring, control and defend the city when necessary.
On the ground floor there is the tomb of Thuwaini bin Said bin Sultan.

spread valleys:

Featuring Sohar spread valleys that flow where water, notably the Valley "Haba" away from the city center about 60 kilometers, in addition to all of the Valley "Aahn" Wadi "molecular" as well as mountainous regions, a small town on the slopes and banks of the valleys.

landscaped gardens:

There is also a group of landscaped gardens and which added to the achievements of the Renaissance giant - over the past twenty-five years - added to a breed development year after year because of its importance and its historical status. Which made Sohar "green oasis", also spread models art high-end inspired by the Omani history ancient and bids Baath comprehensive check the views of Sultan Qaboos making Sohar metropolitan hotels and guest houses, and the famous multi Navoarat water in the streets of modern widening that stretch between palm trees All that make them eligible to attract tourists from within and outside the Sultanate alike.

crafts and industries:

Sohar famous of a number of traditional crafts and industries. It crafts and industries:
- Fishing and related industry
- Omani sweets industry
- Drafting silverware
- Blacksmithing
- Saviac
- Grazing and agriculture.