Preventive measures vital.. Of Public Health. Genetic aspects. Preventive measures psychological

Concentrated preventive measures to emphasize the vital maternal care services before and during pregnancy and following health care to the individual. 

And also trying to modify the genetic factors so that we get the healthy individuals from the beginning.

The preventive measures include the following dynamic: Public health, including: Maternal care medically and psychologically since the time of conception and during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, especially mothers already born children or children of low growth their damage in the brain or the disabled.

- Protection of children from disease and the development of Immunizations and have immunized and vaccinated against known diseases and provide them with adequate nutrition in childhood.

- Habits body care and hygiene.
- Disposal of hazardous agents in the environment and taking into account the special needs of safety and avoid accidents.

- Preparation of the parents of the role of parents and direct them to USA on the emotional significance of the birth of the child and medical and psychological problems for children.

- Periodic medical examination to ensure early detection of any organic disease.- Create the conditions that lead to the best level to ensure the means to resist the pressures of life.

- Social and psychological treatment early to remove the factors causing the disorder and help the individual to achieve the psychological adjustment in the short term and long term.

Genetic aspects, including:
- Prevent the birth of children of parents who have genetic diseases, and up the case in some states to limit sterilization of patients Alaklan.

- Drawing (Map Kromozumih) for Aresen useful in predicting the possibility of the existence of organic disease in their offspring in the future.

- Study the actual composition of the genes (genes) to distinguish between normal and pathological gene and, if possible, correct the situation leading to the prevention of genetic disease, especially with the progress of genetics.

Mental preventive measures:
- The key to mental health is to grow the individual growth and peaceful socialization arise together and be compatible, socially and personally offensive, to know when problems arise in his life and determined, study and interpret and regulated and address.