Defense psychological tricks.. The means and methods do not compromise the unconscious part of the individual to make a psychological adjustment

Defense psychological tricks:

- Is a psychological defense tricks indirect methods are trying tomake a psychological adjustment.

- Defense psychological tricks are the means and methods do not compromise the unconscious part of the individual.

Function: distort and distort the truth even gets rid of the individualfrom the state of tension and anxiety resulting from the briefingsand unresolved conflicts, which threaten the security of psychotherapy.Goal: the prevention and self-defense and maintain self-confidence and self-esteem and the achievement ofpsychological comfort and psychological security.

- The psychological tricks as a defense weapons self-defenseused by myself against frustration and conflict and tension and anxiety.

- Tricks psychological defense attempts to keep thepsychological balance of be caused imbalance.
Defense psychological tricks tricks "normal" place for all people,normal and abnormal, normal and the patient, and the differencebetween them lies in:

1- The use of the individual normal tricks psychological defense.
2- The success of the use and purposes are achieved.

3- Use of moderate.
4- The use of the individual patient to self-defense tricks.

5- Failure of the VF-tricks to achieve the purpose of which isongoing.
6- Excessive use of.

Different tricks psychological defense (unconscious) for thesetting (emotional) of behavior in the fact that: tricks of defense isthe subliminal level.

While the setting is the emotional behavior of the processconscious.