Meta Theatre literary cavity.. A way to make the relationships or absent between art and life in place is essential. Awareness of the presence of systemic innovation in the cavity

Cavity - as Pavas - is "the action that is based on the introduction of surround work (visual, literary or theatrical) Aa - by producing some of its characteristics, similarities structural", and is found in the literature and the arts, both in the novel, theater, composition and film. It is not the practice of emergency on modern literature, because its origins dating back - by Lucien Lucien Dlenbach   Dallenbach - Baroque to the literature, identified in which one of the most fertile moments, followed by other moments were particularly in the romantic, natural, and is the new novel.
   Thanks to smarten the text of the cavity to the criticism that structural hesitate when different versions of the term cavity oscillates between Altjoafa installation, construction Altjoafa, and the follicle structure.
   Notes, from the historical angle, that the literary work of the Baroque era was a job and created for this work at the same time. In Romantic literature, we know the place well received by the saying "contemplative Reflexivité "Especially when the romantic Germans who Astouhoha of the philosophy of Kant and Vijth which emphasize the" thought for thought "and pushing self-awareness to become a subject of reflection. I found these words resonate with romantic also in what he calls Frederick Schlegel to" Hair Hair "or" hair transcendent ".
   Have used the cavity in the literature realistic and natural in order to ensure clarity of communication, and compensation for the prevention experienced by the author to express his views and his positions in his creativity in his own name, especially as the theorists of that era, "all agree on the belief that the illusions, in order to be credible, it should not subject to any person; and the author of this difficulty than to intervene through the characters, allowing him to making its voice heard with respect for the requirement of "objective" and "non-self" the sacred ".
   In the literature, the symbolic, the cavity is a way to make the relationships or absent between art and life in place is essential.
    However, the presence of systemic innovation in the cavity, under the perspective of aesthetic and intellectual self-conscious, is one who recorded the novel and the new new new novel after that, since the action to undermine the perspective of the classic narrated. This presence of the cavity creative find what is supported - in theory - in the writings of theorists of the new novel, led by Ricardo Jean Jean Ricardou .
  This is the path of creative cavity, either on the track of money, the prevailing belief is that Andre is good, who presented a description of this procedure the first time. But Jean Ricardo asserts that this belief is incorrect because there is a study of Victor Hugo for "William Shakespeare" where he emphasized that all the plays this man - with the exception of "Macbeth" and "Romeo and Juliet" - with a property eye-catching, and they include "event multiplier reflects the drama and reflected in miniature ". This property translates - in his view - the nature of the prevailing thinking in the sixteenth century, the thinking subject "of the mirror."
   At the beginning of the last decade of the last century, he pointed to his admiration for Andrei good literary and artistic work, which takes itself as its theme, also reviews some of the models of formation and the theater that reflected, including the comedy scene in the play "Hamlet" by Shakespeare. It is noted that the perception of Andrei good cavity is controlled by Capillaria Image Héraldique , Where construction is achieved Altjoafa when we find within the theme as a slogan II reproduces the first in miniature.
  The theoretical contribution of Jean Ricardo, and in the formulation of eloquence and poetry of the two distinct cavity, from the most important books on this subject. Added the study of serious Dlenbach Lucien, who drafted the structural modeling   Of the cavity in relation to Baga, according to the perspective of the mirror metaphor is governed by Métaphore spéculaire She also served on the selection in the work of novelist Tmzarath   Fall within the framework of the so-called new novel (1957 - 1958) and the new new novel (1969-1973).
   This attention cavity novelist did not obscure for students attention his relationship with the arts of other theater and cinema in particular, arguing that Ricardo that "Shakespeare introduced in Hamlet, as the scene comedy in the story of the play, and integrate it Rob globular in" last year in Marenpad "as the scene of comedy in the tale of cinematic", and Christian Metz - Besimaaúaat interested in a film - speaks of the cavity in the Italian film director   Corky " 8 And 1 / 2 , "Where he says:" " 8   And 1 / 2 "Belongs to" film within the film, "the type of artwork multiplier, contemplative and of themselves. And to determine the structure of this type of business proposed Sometimes the phrase" building Tjoafa "borrowed from the knowledge of logos, which helps, in fact, the appointment of a structure which allows all the effects mirror, well, ".
   These signals confirm, therefore, indicates that the cavity, allegorically, to the mirror, is reflected through the narrated   Or structure within a small   The other, and most notably includes the features characteristic philosophical meditation.

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