Ego and the self center of the world based on the vision and the vision and values ​​formation and aesthetic resonance in the tear-offs for the Sheriff Bakna Shahrani

In the group (tear-offs resonance) for the Sheriff Bakna Shahrani seek out the tent vertical relations in the traditional poetry and the formation of relationships to a new language. In the group become the basis of self-vision, vision, and forming and aesthetic values. The author of the initiative in building a new world and new climates.
And to indicate that record the following observations:  
First, there is abundance in the vocabulary and sentences is the full installation at the expense of the ordinary in the Arabic text, I mean, we have become accustomed in the hair to face sentences of lattice structures of the full system-dependent wholesale Arab action and active or Beginner and the news of the appendages,
The aim is to provide a lead specific meaning. Mangda in a Boukna heart of this rule, there is a succession of sentences is quite heavy, and there are also large numbers of items that move outside the framework of the full sentence contained in the most familiar texts charged gushing and sentimental. Anyone who reads the group feel sometimes that there is no correlation between the two members of the preceding sentences, sentences, or subsequent to be moving in a vacuum outside of the context. We have presented the poet through the images is Nadzh needs effort FORUM to participate in the formulation, and I think that this kind of speech and imaging enter into the essence of artistic creation, as it is not the task of the artist who draws a picture or a scene has to offer has already been carried, if he did it would not modeling can experience art and then modeling, which will not drop the reader can experience the same. Perhaps this is the difference between the image prompt in the video tape or film and the visual image of this type of literary writing. Examples of the first words of the vocabulary by: 
Sfeir, black light, and the smell of intestines
Roth, armpit and grab
It also:
Rugged and rugged
Smell, and shame
Male and female. ..)
As well as saying:
Hunger, Waste, nudity, friction, with the knee exfoliate the scalp
Head, frosting
He says the sentences on the second side is complete:
Patience, love
Charred amazing
There is a good cuticle remaining in bowl
He whispers to at least
Obsessive about the boycott
Death to be something they have
And he said:
Boring grace
HE as a fuel when the glow
This flap Alblona threadbare hand basket networked
Strengthened when the bereaved widows garbage, sit
It has broken shoulder
Back to the heart of Ikha
Depression twenty-third
And also:
Clutch when the mom shackled
Pulled my head and toss it in the pyramid
This feature covers all the texts of the group.
Second, giving priority to the individual to act, verb movement and the stability of the individual, as if the poet wants to install the status quo, in fact, in addition to that he is not convinced of the possibility of change. This is one of indirect rule such as the ugly elements of the vision: the subject and the self, the ego and the world, the individual and society, and the confusion that is formed between them. Says:
Hope when displaced shame
Emperor survival Nabil
Coercion, the only time
Comply with it fun, easiest lust gained
Pleasure of the mind and head-banging
Third, the diversity of vocabulary. This feature is calculated to work in theory, but the use of the poet for some vocabulary exotic or unusual, or at least use or Tdolha is played down the importance of diversity to him. The problem in my opinion, not surprisingly, in the vocabulary, but in the inability of the poet - in most cases - to employ them, or technical investing. Says:
Patent pus from slag young devil Tramps
I am ashamed to witness the hard work in the Ford Soaúla
Necessary to compress my throat Vobashm animal carcass
It Alheik
Structure Bchbut disgusting planted since the first deities to Adam
Fourth, is the displacement. In this aspect, and to the enormous number and variety of vocabulary and structures Bank is adjacent to prompt the poet between the items can not be combined, for the familiar context, and beyond this vocabulary to the succession of structures that no logical connection between them.This work, which is calculated; hair means to break through the construction of the familiar relationships between the logical or familiar vocabulary and structures. This feature leads to another advantage is to break the boundaries between the connotations of words, is no longer a vocabulary of man of its own, as well as the Sahara of their own; I mean, I have adopted a poet to confirm that the exchange of the functions of semantics vocabulary through relations symbolism, and metaphor, and the displacement in the significance . It should be noted that the poet sometimes exaggerates this aspect, the words come out of the art form back to the art form ugly. The paradox can be added to the immersive displacement and symbolism; pave the poet - sometimes at the beginning of the text or through - something we expect the thing that followed, and then come up with something other than expected, Nokia has to do with what preceded it. It works sometimes and does not work in so many times. I think that it is up to Haddaúh poet's experience in writing.  
Fifth: the scarcity of tools to link in the texts, which leads to the flow structures and Trasa. This feature comes a summary of the natural features of the former abundance in the vocabulary and structures short and symbolic.  
Sixth: The abundance of images and partial sequencing to the point that it sometimes makes him feel tired and weary recipient of panting behind the formation and movement of art sometimes to the pure state of mind.  
Seventh, there are sometimes Dada in the provision of structures and the combination of vocabulary, and the liquidity of the obtrusive verbal contexts, it seems that the poet writes the text once, and this leads to the thinness of the installation, and then in the image and reflection of the situation. The technical picture is either successful or that evoke a sense of the mind, or both. The picture sometimes when Boukna Atstterciia because of exaggeration and extravagance. Imagination and be in this kind of imaging weak flat loses its ability to image art installation was successful. In addition, as this leads to the thumb and text on the lock itself, for example:
Patent pus from slag young devil Tramps
I am ashamed to witness the painstaking Boos in Soaúla
Necessary to compress my throat Vobashm animal carcass
It's disgusting Bchbut structure planted since the first deities to Adam
Okhcaha slapped the back of the head of the burned
Though the inscriptions legends cosmic zigzag
But remain flat under the foot small
When I stand there Oturnh
Atalb a lot of ... I ask only satisfaction
One of the consequences of expression Dada large artificial contrast, the pieces in a few sentences, and addresses the vague, all reflecting the sometimes absurd situation expressed by the self in the collision with the world.  
Eighth: united - in the ego actors - the vision and the vision and aesthetic values, and shaping. The ego is the source of all of them, so that sometimes we can not distinguish between the vision and the vision, or between this value and other value. I mean, the ego expands to include everything. Everything depends on the outside of the ego, which begins and ends it.
Bottom line: set (tear-offs resonance) is a minefield and wide, but the reader is expected to secure it to collide at any moment a mine or more. It is expressed out of the ordinary, and diversity of vocabulary, and structures is prompt, and symbolism, and irony and displacement, rape and language. Despite what we sockets on the group (Sheriff Boukna) great poetic power, but they need time to mature, and to care for Tstmr. This new Masaruqah in his production.