Installation of radio antennas on the International Space Station

The two members of a team of astronauts aboard the International Space Station to swim for the second time in outer space for the installation of three antennas private broadcasting and reception of radio amateurs to interact with the radio on the planet.
He said the Russian space control center that the Russian commander of the Group of the International Space Station astronauts Yuri Onovrenko and U.S. astronaut Daniel Porsche went out yesterday to the space and they swim to the top of the station for the installation of three antennas.
 The Center said that amateur radio can communicate with the ground crew of the ISS and meet their conditions, noting that the position of the antennas will be useful in ensuring the continuation of the ground contact in the event of interruption of transmission with the ground control center
The astronauts also installed special screens on the roof of the station to protect them from gases emitted by their engines, while the third team member Carl Walz control the process from inside the station
The Falls and Onovrenko had several days before they swim in space for the installation of a second lever arm to the station. He arrived team of three astronauts, who consider the fourth installment of the pioneers, who spent six months aboard the station on the seventh of December, 2001.