Discourse in the second group (figure haltingly) to Holiday Ahadjila (speech poem of Revelation)

The speech, which dealt with the other group it belongs to and awareness of aesthetic environments (vision poem). The poet has made ​​it the platform through which the vision and the vision. This type of discourse gives the poet a wide area of the expression of concern on the political and ideological discourse opposite the first in which the gravity of the formation.  
** The vision was in this speech in the embodiment (negative effect) and (the crisis of the individual) and (subject to the general rule that ugly). Says:
Twenty years ago, hungry Odhadja
The hearing cat scarlet
Each evening
Prisoner of thirst on the important
Allekel every morning
Did not grow grass, earth, and turned the dial tone
Paced cloud fugitive
Everything gag Hqhqh step
Under the cloak of this vacuum
Wind Ahhit
And eyes that were blurred
And hearts that Souht
And letters that buried half their voices
Powders in order to pass on the alabaster scruples
Feat, such as aerosols.
** One was the vision - in this speech - in nostalgia to the other, and the desire to unite, but society does not allow, standing barrier to achieve:
And her sumptuous home / soft cloud
I Otibt severe heart
And imperforate gaps
Silence and songs
What then is the wind epizootic
And hum Alsablh
How I long bridges of blood
Cold and long gap.
** The items marked by the letter and a host of luxury. For example, saying:
Zila entered the Alagafaat virgins
Rainy Transfiguration
Dispel fear letters ailing
Tsrbelt spectrum intuitively
Wishes and poor
Extend to the horizon fiction obsolete
Catch-lived and some fuse
Otabr - and probably quilt - the defenses of the tribe?
Otamadg your paperwork zero
And color
Songs and humiliating?.
** The Ola - along with that - if the voice of ideology Makorn previous discourse disappeared from any reference to ideology, such as saying:
The tower interested borrowed my mouth to speak dancers
Water on the Earth
And supply
The hypothesis
And rejection
The Coming Cloud
If Palm has created dissension pollen to the wind
Cited to the point of its means
Fugitive to the fault of the tunnel Alphabet
Cultivate walls zero
I open to the air
Then wash the Derby three times
And cheering as the surgeon three times
And these are the city asleep at night Sarbel fat
Cleans Oshidagah blue of my Nahabh.
** He has practiced the poet in this letter (the game language) on both the context and the individual, as did poets poem vision, it has been are mostly heading to the language as in the words of the soldier is taking the fall of the Qatari Bin accidental mask on him, and the text of a fever dirt:
Tomorrow at dawn accept flood carried on the delinquent Cup
And flying blond moments in a wedding procession
And return to sedition rufescens night in the effects of the sun
White stars pass viavia hair in panic
The wonder of the Sea of rhymes
Why chose the morning and died in the deserts?
Oh Kandilli flesh, O sea Yamit
Among the seven seas, a taste of what the banks?
In this vein weaves Holiday Ahadjila the following section:
Of spray Althowam, songs and crippling
I said to those who crossed the exalted memory:
Twenty years ago, took the features of my face
It emerged in the pair of snow
In the balconies visions
And routes Amichguet fancy water
And fire and courage soft.
But what combination of letters I and II: a unity of vision and vision, symbolism and displacement, although this clearly in the second speech than in the first, for example, some stated in letters (fancy water, furnished my language, wise land, significant thirst, pool storytelling, song wilted, egg madness, Hacrjat the way, milk magenta, night baby, broken wishes, bed letters, a tent of my heart, cocky rut, get life).
The poet has succeeded in drafting letters drafting technical features, and Haarath do not need to prove, but we find that it was richer and richer and diverse than in his first speech in the second. The reason for this in our opinion, is because the speech a poem of Revelation, which belongs to the second speech of the poet's speech a dead end, they mean a poem of Revelation announced - as demonstrated in our (technical picture in the poem the vision) of the early nineties - mourning the same since 1961, and specifically after his version of Adonis (Mehyar Songs of Damascus), and Masdr which then was on individual artistic structure, image and aesthetic significance and composition. We have reached the time Elyalentijh the following: (through an overview of poetry in a poem the vision and found that it arrived a few years after its inception to a dead end. The problem faced by them and who was born with is the problem of unconsciously Amcklh imaging. This hair proved to be capable of absorbing the technical elements all to reflect Mairead raising. has been used as demonstrated in the folds of research the word and rhythm, image, symbol, myth and organic unity and inspiration and illusions, and so with great success for the construction of the poem / vision, as he was able to digest effects of cultural heritage and Western successfully also for the expression of the recurring themes in it. but he kept during his rise to suffer from the problem of consciousness. consciousness of self which does not recognize the other's awareness is critical, the awareness of non-renewable in the sense that static, and the key issues that occupied on a permanent basis are the same do not change. For this finds it reads poetry in a poem the vision that he was suffering from the crisis of repetition, repetition visions and attitudes and the impossibility of repetition to get rid of things to view the previous 386). This is what happened to the second letter in a gala Ahadjila, it was Vdhaouath more diverse and richer in rhetoric than in the first second speech / speech poem vision.
Bottom line: Holiday Ahadjila in a (taller Taatalthm) reveals the poetic stature of mature Oanha united itself in her first originally belonging to it, and exceeded the illusions of the second letter (a letter poem of Revelation) with all the frustrations of the ideological and aesthetic.