Discourse in the first group (figure haltingly) to Holiday Ahadjila poetry and nineties

Form of the poet, relying on the first letter of the following:
** Significant condensation in the economy and the very language and adoption of the language to suggest the basis for the expression and photography, he says (harvest):
As the idea matured In Adhuq ensure
Found snow relaxed In the bed of the letters.
** Acquired all the addresses of texts on the individual words. The address was part of the composition of the text, and a gateway to understanding the significance, and a window to form a paving , In addition to that there is a strong correlation between home address and the text. Through this feature - which is a milestone for the new hair - this speech is different in Group II of the speech which can read the texts without regard to their titles, or titles that do not constitute closely related to the text the same size posed in relation to the text of the speech first. It addresses the texts (restoration, the land, the definition, a poet, harvesting, invitation, anniversary, poet, thirst, reader, space, balance, position, biography, interpretation, look).
** Formed most of the texts of a few sentences, vocabulary, and acquired visually narrow the size of my place, and sometimes exceed each one sentence such as saying in the (space):
Between the door bottom line
Window and dream
Cemetery stretches poets.
This text is grammatically if re-arranged to become one sentence. And I think that creativity in this kind of writing is that the poet can say Mairead in as little as possible of the vocabulary and phrases, and can through this narrow space to convince the recipient, and does his feelings, and affects it.
** Art images were provided by the poet in these texts Nadzh in terms of artistic composition, but not closed, which is not formed part by part, but made ​​at once, which makes the receipt of the actual start of where the end to read. From here it is imposed on the recipient to participate in the experience of the poet re-wording of the text again after dropping it on himself.
** Use the poet and narrative foundations of time to open the windows in this narrow space imposed by the poetic nature of the message is very short, we are Anhs Palace of the text or that there is something wrong with the configuration because of this palace, but we feel a sense of gratification as if we were in front of a long text. Says in (poet):
Hdotha between her mirror
And hath visions loud
Watching old
Down with rhyme rhyme.
He says (in memory):
Escaped from his chest
Birds chirp
Transplant patient in his stomach
Rose from the darkness
Rambled scattering feathers
Trained in the spiral
And peel horizons sing
Counting year, or three years
Or ...
Ilthv returned silent and cold
Holds two wings
Daa misdemeanors hustle.
As well as saying in a (biography):
Having matured his feet
The temptation has grown step
Visions in Henmat
And routes navigator
Every day is going
J Q j t
Remained a scourge Rahif
Chasing him bark.
We are here in front of the texts has been expanded in size Pfdhaouat narrow and wide through the elements of narrative and time, I mean it was based on wide spaces in tight spaces where energy Astafrt illusions, and the power of the narrative, and the suggestion of time, depth and spread.
** The poet support each position by building on the stylistic poetic irony and the condition which contributed to the intensity of the support structure and the aesthetic and Trasa Aihaúatha. He says in (poet):
After he drank the old
Said: Matt.
He also says in (interpretation) formulations that approach the condition:
Whenever I laughed
Cloud deferred
Switch off the Lightning
Fresh in her mouth
Fond of a cigarette
Cloud that
Or Redeemed.
** The poet also adopted on the strength of the question. It is known that the question raises questions, and questions evoke answers, and answers to evoke memory activity and fertility of illusions to the recipient, and is motivated to interact differently with the text. Says in the (position): How do I hear?
Our pal groove fuzzy
The spectra of a trap.
** As adopted this discourse on the significance of condensation in the economy and the very language was also adopted to intensify the constituent elements of the image. Radishes adopted texts on the elements of the ego and O. emerging as pivotal generated two partial parties formed the many and varied - through their interaction - the most important elements of poetic texts. Says in (thirst):
Increased in the chest
Barbaric thirst
And chest Mustb
The nectar
Limoges water McCain.
The poet has succeeded in adapting all cases in which her ​​body in this speech introduced the texts evoke in us as recipients of the three forms of life in the sensitivity and the mind and will, with the exception of some of the texts that have occurred in the trap such as saying in prose (look):
They say it astray mail
But what are the inspiration question.
The words in (definition):
Draw the coals with Wind
In Hushaym wishes.