What are UFOs??? That mysterious thing that can not be interpreted

The tracker for this thing the watch UFO is undeniably something more mysterious and downright inexplicable. What constitutes the real scene often depends on the shape and movement of exotic landscape and the thing you want to know
All Views of unidentified aircraft dishes that can be identified in the following items
Light in the night: There is light or group of lights in the sky Tadhae pm The moving or flying In this scenario, a viewer can not be judged strictly on the lights after this.
The light of the day: Mtaatbaan of this thing, this light gives them the impression that this thing is something material and appears in broad daylight and clear sailing to that goal, wherever and however they want.
Seen by radar: In this case is to see some goals by a sophisticated radar to detect objects that fly in the sky, and in this example, the speed and after that goal is knowledge and calculated by radar systems.
Face close to the first class: In this class, the dishes are near the plane of the surface of the ground or in the air, and the scenes have to be able to describe the color and shape of the target in some detail.
Close to the face of the second class: In this class, the viewer must have seen through the close of the dishes the aircraft, as well as the presence of some types of physical evidence of the face (such as signs of falling - jamming electric - people bear witness to what has been mentioned) is a means of assisting in the writing of reports.
Face close to the third model: This is the most dangerous confrontations UFO In this product, the viewer must have felt some kind of creatures come out of those dishes, and sharing a creature that is either in the form of semi-normal human being or a robot. And you and your luck.