UFO between illusion and reality.. This is the great unknown

News sparked the emergence of "UFO" the attention of the whole world in the early nineties it has been "hijacked" Australia, while a pilot was flying a training flight in the skies over Melbourne! The last words reported by the pilot to ground control center in accordance with a bird that haunt him and tries to kidnap him! Until this moment, did not show the effect of the pilot and the wreckage of his plane to impose it fell, despite all the massive search is conducted, and if the news regarding the fall dishes plane in Kuwait and cut off telecommunications and wireless telephone in the area for seven minutes is connected and then continues to emerge dishes plane Kuwait and Abu Dhabi and New Zealand and South Africa and around the world, even feared by some to be an invasion of Earth has begun to come by creatures from other planets
Then came the big surprise announcement in accordance with 25 shooting birds in Australia near a TV film shows the mysterious flying objects that export lights is very impressive and moving, some like huge bells
The surprise of this maximum excitement with the announcement of the news of the U.S. authorities find the bodies of two objects from outside the planet Earth fell from the sky! The two bodies were taken to a green skin and the length of each about 130 cm and covered with bodies of the remaining Rdaouan Madenaan clinging to the impact of extreme heat apparently
Fact or fiction?
The question that poses itself urgently here and in the wake of all these details exciting for visitors, strangers from the unknown to the planet is: Could it be that there is already flying saucers coming from other planets visiting Earth and trying to connect its people are also abducted at times or that the issue is not merely be a mere "illusions" and shadows perceived by some?
The fact that the issue was not raised and split between the people unlike the knowledge and science such as the UFO phenomenon despite the emergence of UFO phenomenon or all of the reported appearance of UFO very old, but scientists did not agree on an opinion thereon.Some of them do not rule out the idea that UFO spacecraft coming from planets other than Earth with objects trying to identify the civilization of the people of the earth and may land use in projects of their own, and that based on, these organisms have reached a degree of development and sophistication than those owned by the man now
But the bulk of the space scientists like making fun of these views and deny at all the idea of the existence of flying saucers visiting earth from other planets, they say that what some see and think that "flying saucer" is not only reflections of light or burning meteors falling
Oz Barre
It is like those scientists who reject the idea of a UFO the world famous British Serbernard Lovell, who asserts that "these things Australian" were not only illusions or weather phenomena, but perhaps a flock of wild geese is reflected by the light of the moon or the lights of distant ships
He adds Serbernard Lovell that he does not understand why people fly distant planets billions of miles through space, only to descend on the land and its people communicate. He says: Is not it funny that they cut all these distances just to kidnapping the pilot or a poor person to review themselves before television cameras. Indeed, that is indisputable that the issue is very accurate and the uncertainty and difficulty degree is still not possible even with the means of modern science that the opinion of the final cut. It is not the goal of this research claim that "the affirmation of" a two provisions divorced in the case of the inability of science for the pieces there since 1887, specifically when he managed a celebrity in astronomy at that time to monitor what we can call him 3 flying saucers hovering around the moon, but the main goal of this research is to try tipping the "possibility" or "possible" on the other by discussing the reasons for opponents and supporters on both the face and be subject to the standards of science and logic
The unknown-Jabbar
The fact that the first face in this regard is the fact that the unknown that surrounds us mighty earth planet in the galaxy has a huge hundred million stars and a planet and there in this huge universe a hundred million galaxies! That this thing can not even imagine, and the logic here it likely that the existence of life on one - or more - of these planets, the infinite in the universe as it exists on the ground, hence the provisions issued by some scientists that life does not exist in other planets to the lack of conditions that we know our standards and our laws are in fact terrestrial alien to the provisions of fact and logic, for example, they are building their assumptions on the results obtained from tests conducted on the surface of the moon and the surface of Jupiter recently and could serve as the basis of these results for the dissemination of the rule to all of the planets
Life according to the laws of the land
Then, if we assume these specific findings serve as a basis for circulation, why always think in life according to our laws we are on the ground in the sense that the human or animal lives breathe a certain percentage of oxygen and requires a certain amount of water, heat and food as a prerequisite for the continuation of his life, that the one who created all life on the land in accordance with these laws is able to create life in any other place in accordance with standards of very different
And provisions offered by the large number of scientists who reject the idea of UFOs that he sees some people do not come out as being reflections or breaks or dispersed optically issued As for the earth's surface, or celestial bodies, or to drop meteors burned and its entry in the Earth's atmosphere, and those provisions may be acceptable if these scientists could they provide the following explanations of the phenomena that we supply here, but not limited
That the meteorites, comets and other fall straight and sharp angles or wide directly to the ground do not change directions horizontally, how can you explain the objects observed returning to altitude and at amazing speeds, and radar devices that record
How to explain that these objects are unknown, and disable electronic devices and other means of communication and centers nearby, such as the disabled and means of communication devices in Kuwait for seven minutes. There is also another example of scientifically proven; In October 1976 the back of a foreign object in the sky of Iran, he saw 14 of the men's air traffic control and has issued the assistant chief of operations ordered by the one of the planes Phantom to chase the UFO, and was led by young lieutenant was wounded situation like a stunned He issued by the commander is back, and issued at the same time is another rise of a second aircraft led by an officer is the rank of major and when he managed the last to approach the body the bird happened to him what had happened to his colleague and registered devices and the Centre for follow-up ground of a defect in the electronic devices, has matched the words pilots in the description of the body the bird and the movements superstitious and speed and his ability Tairanih alien to the people of the earth
The phenomenon of the things left by these foreign objects left on the ground and proved that the analysis of components and elements do not exist on earth. For several years, announced the break flying saucer over the United States and was surprised when analyzing Ahtamh is the discovery of a substance that magnesium, but in the case of a rare purity are not available on the surface of the earth. Among the points of controversy the other circuit between the scientists themselves about the prospects for the existence of paranormal phenomena, including UFO If it is true that there are objects a plane to visit the land of the planets, galaxies located in the solar system or galaxies outside the flights of the planets to the earth takes thousands of years that the closest star or planet to Earth from outside the solar system away from the earth about four no doubt that this scientific truth does not leave room for controversy in the possibility to cut off other objects - if any - such vast distances to visit the earth light years in the sense that the trip means to the human space cut in the a thousand years does not necessarily mean the same result for both of these objects assuming different standards of time, or assuming the difference of civilization and technological progress among ethnic
Base on the ground
The scientists themselves have raised a serious possibility in this regard to the effect that these organisms have established for themselves - for one reason or another - the base on the ground in a remote place is not up to the feet of humans and possibly under the ocean surface to a depth of 30 meters, and it is because of the large number of appearance UFO near such areas
And ratified prophecy
And the facts known and scientifically established story of the world Raymond Viet, member of the Association of astronomers with the French predicted that the UFO will visit Earth in the night of August 23, 1967, and published European newspapers are all predictions of the world French is not too each other to point out that the French scientist has gone mad, but!! !To the surprise of all men and true prophecy appeared in the same night five specific flying objects in the sky of Madrid. The world discovered later that the Nba Te but is built on a scientific basis, as has been proven to have the appearance of UFO happens and the stages of approaching the Earth from Mars is clear that these phases alternate every 36 months said he had noticed that the words of people automatically issued without a previous measure. But the book "Weapons German secret World War II" developed by Rudolf Lunsar, who was in during the last world war president in the interest of weapons of art in the Ministry of the German war that the first flying saucer launched by Germany was in February 1945 and reached a height of more than forty thousand feet and increased the speed of for 1,250 miles per hour, and said that Germany was able to book at the time of production of the first plane go up and down vertically. This is because with this assumption that the Soviet Union or the United States had obtained the secrets of the inventions from Germany in the aftermath of World War II and had been developed and kept secret. It is likely this assumption is also that in most cases where the appearance of UFOs are not recorded on the devices penetrate the foreign body to the field of the Earth's atmosphere, which may mean that these plates move around from place to place on the surface of the earth itself.