Order to be able to learn from.. Design training modules according to the model of Blum (Alatghani learning) or learning to be able

To achieve this end, training modules are designed according to this principle   The best thing about this is a principle of educational models interested model Baltmher Bloom (Alatghani learning) or to be able to learn from. The model consists of the following steps:
* Confirm the tribal knowledge.
* Calendar tribal.
* Teaching and formative Calendar.
* Intensive training.
* Calendar dimensional.
* Therapeutic program.
This can be illustrated steps to be able to learn from the curriculum as presented as follows:
1) The unit begins with the evidence: know their subject matter, and the time available to them, and vocabulary, and goals, and methods of evaluation   The learner needs to master, and references necessary for learning.
2) Unit is composed of:
** Preliminary activities, creating student unit topics.
** Test before me, measuring student's knowledge tribal themes unity.
** Topics module, and consists of view the topic, and learning activities.
** Self-tests, measure student progress, and the degree of his mastery of the objectives of the aphid.
** Programmed learning materials, it had not of expert to understand and focus.
** Activities and closing summary to review all the particles displayed in the unit.
** Post-test, measures enable the student to the basic elements of the unit.
** End of the unit, a reminder to its objectives, and guidelines for non of expert.