Importance of studying the history of physical education and sport.. Account of the past experience of a teacher's help to avoid mistakes

History helps to effectively get the picture in any integrated activity. See also gain a history of experience helps to avoid errors that occurred in previous generations. And   See Kaston Borkr that: "The account of the past experience of a teacher's help to avoid mistakes and enable the development of pedagogical reforms. In addition, the look on the past helps in the identification of the assets of our traditions such as the educational system tests the ancient Chinese civilization. And the emergence of a private education institution (school) in the ancient Egyptian civilization "....
And interested researchers in the field of Physical Education and Sport on
Physical activity and sports for men to be One of the several considerations including the following: 
** Lessons and the lessons of the past and identify the errors and avoid the present and future.
** Extrapolation of the impact of variables and social systems on a system of physical education and sport and to be directed towards progress to benefit from these effects.
** Study of the history of physical education, sports and games in order to estimate the size of the progress and direction in the field of contemporary physical education.
** Take advantage of data management through history to draw new regulations for the sport in the present and future.
** Study of the major philosophical schools and their impact on physical education and sports through the different ages of human civilization.
** Strong professional composition trends (towards physical education) of students at the Physical Education and by identifying the contributions to the upgrading of man through the different civilizations.
** Encourage scientific research in the field of physical education.