Human process of pedagogic.. The role of education in the achievement of cultural communication

The human is the object Neighborhood, which is distinct from the only other ability to adapt according to cultural norms, and culture is the invention of the human That characterized from other organisms in order to preserve culture That meet the communication between the generations Abralthoil cultural So that the breeding role in achieving cultural communication has been provided with animals and insects with neurological help to cope without the training and education, the human is quite different for a program does not have any biological and genetic assisted by the presence However, it is considered Odf objects and the least amount at birth.
 He needs to   Educational program to help him   The registration of all motor possibilities The stepping stone and adaptation, and in the stages of human leaders to be most in need Factors, training and learning to acquire the skills to help him adapt. Has been found in human history, many of the stories and the ways in which indicates the strength of education in human form on what it is now of the properties. 
Scientists have wondered in the ancient times to the language   And its impact in the formation of rights.