The effect of fasting in the same child.. Guiding philosophy of Islamic education in the Qur'an and Sunnah

- "Guiding philosophy of Islamic education in the Qur'an and Sunnah, the process of education programs and curricula and objectives to confirm the obligation of fasting and establish it and firmly grounded in the same individual Muslim has become expensive by a legitimate and capable of it healthy, because it has reported positive effects of active participation in the strengthening of his faith and unite in faith and worship, and awaken the conscience and the awakening of his conscience, and sense of control relevant master, and his sense of his presence continued with him wherever he is, and upgrade creation, and purification of his soul, and break the unity of his desire, and Alderbh to control emotions and control his instincts and impulses, and raising the spirit of possibility and patience he has, and the bombing of the meaning of kindness, compassion and kindness and goodness in himself, and move his participation sincere empathy for others and helping those in need and the needy, and strengthen the social tendency thereby acting with others to save the entity group interdependence, compassion and cooperation, as well as the fast of great advantage to save the fast for health and prevention of physical
Various diseases and ailments."
- "Get used to not speak a lie and falsely and fraudulently does not exercise and insidious betrayal and victimization or aggression against the people of their money or their symptoms"
It was narrated from Abu Salih Al-Zayat that he heard Abu Huraira - y - Says the Messenger of Allah - r - «God said all the works of Adam are for him except fasting, it is me, and I shall reward for it. And Fasting, and if the fast day of you, do not and does not Ackb, the Sabh one, or a murderer, let him say I am a man who is fasting. And the soul of Muhammad, with his hand to smell the mouth fasting person is better with Allah than the scent of musk, for a fasting person breaks his fast if Farahtan Iverhama joy, and met God with joy if fasting »..
- Learn the system because the Muslim eating during Ramadan system, and system sleep and wake up the system, so you see that the system is reflected in the Muslim community in the wonderful pictures of Ramadan "
And smell: the fasting person's mouth and behind the prejudice Akhlufa: If you changed from the squalls to stop eating and drinking, and the HISTORY of it.
Utter: obscene speech: What the word that all men from women, it is said that the statement by mentioning sexual intercourse, a pilgrimage to the Sacred in the forbidden, either obscenity in speech, if not addressed by a woman, not denied it, but it is recommended to leave it.
Ackb: noise: noise and fuss.
Fasting is for Me and I shall reward for it: but singled out the fast and the penalty upon himself the Almighty but acts of worship are all him, and punishable with him, because all acts of worship of obedience of people to the Almighty God, of prayer, pilgrimage, and charity, and Otptl and i'tikaaf and a prayer and sacrifice and guidance, and other types of worship, has been set polytheists of their gods, and they take, without God Ndada, and did not hear that a range of communities idolaters In times obsolete worshiped Ahtha fasting, and Atqrepett to it, and not condemned by it, nor knew of fasting in worship only on the laws, it is God Almighty said: «Fasting is for Me» ie, not shared by one, and Abdel-by others, I then reward him as much competence me, and I assume the box by myself, do not eat to one (else) of the king of close or otherwise, has The scholars on the meaning of this modern faces of interpretation, to Atdani This is not convergence, it is to say, unless the rest of the acts of worship share it and this statement told me Prince Mujahid al-Din Abu Mansur Qaamaz bin Abdullah - Adam is happy - and stated that what has happened to him innovative , and did not hear from one, and no stopping him in the book, I did not hear him than any other, and I have hit with him and signed the best, and God grant Barafana. Mosque assets in the sayings of the Prophet - (9 / 453)