Osama bin Laden and Israel: the greater U.S. support to Tel Aviv, the greater the hatred of Washington

Immediately after the events of 11 September, the United States was concerned not only to search and find bin Laden but also the question of the motives of the al-Qaeda attack on New York and Washington. What is the source of the anger that made ​​America a target? 
After three days of the collapse of the twin towers, linked to Crohn's Tony, political correspondent for the magazine 'Time' by the payer to hit the United States and the 'sharp rise in anti-Americanism in the Arab street in response to U.S. support for Israel'. 
Carol Murphy of the 'Washington Post' and continued this line when I wrote: 'If we want to refrain from creating more terrorists, we must quickly end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict'. The Tony Blair and other Western figures have adopted more than once this position . 
But can you confirm the link between naturally Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the rise of al-Qaeda?Looking at the background and foundation for the emergence of the organization, it is difficult to confirm this link. Al Qaeda was born in the eighties, at a distance of thousands of kilometers from Israel, and has the infrastructure of Arab volunteers who came to Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet army. 
After the defeat of the Soviets in 1989 set up bin Laden's al-Qaeda. In the sense that al Qaeda was founded in 1948 or in 1967 in response to events involving Israel, but for reasons that did not have any links to Israel.
The motive for the establishment of the base did not come from a political foil, but a result of the sense of victory to bin Laden and the mujahideen who have managed to defeat a super power is the Soviet Union. They felt that they are re former glories of Islamic history, when Muhammad succeeded in defeating the armies of the Great Powers Persia and the Byzantines. Their conclusion was that if they can triumph over the Soviets, America also Veselhakon defeat .   
The guru of bin Laden was a Palestinian named Abdullah Azzam, left the West and became active in the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. He who led bin Laden to Afghanistan in the eighties .   
If the Palestinian issue at the top of his attention was reasonable to assume that he would be joining Hamas in 1987, when it was founded, rather than mobility to thousands of kilometers. As a rule, the Palestinians played a secondary role only at the base, which most of the activists came from Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Algeria. Prosecution and if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict filled the ranks of al Qaeda volunteers Palestinians claim is not unfounded at all .   
Bin Laden himself explained his priorities in the fatwa issued in 1998 in which he declared war on America. Was justified by the presence of the central United States in Saudi Arabia. Secondary argument was based on the attacks on Saddam Hussein. As for Israel, came in third place only .   
Arab analysts in 2001 did not adopt the theory that prevailed in the West, in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the root reason for the success of bin Laden . 
Hisham Melhem, a newspaper 'ambassador' of Lebanon was shown on a permanent basis in the CIA. That. That have admitted that bin Laden is not involved in the Palestinian struggle: 'It is focused on Afghanistan and Chechnya '. 
Reasonable to assume that after the death of bin Laden's al-Qaeda will get more by the fact that the agendas of local branches of the organization in Yemen, Somalia and North Africa will become more independent. However, there is a lesson from the past must be confirmed now. Such as system pressure expected in September that are binding on Israel in response to all PATA connection between the Israeli concessions and the war fought by the West against al-Qaeda.