Mind-boggling questions her answer a painful blow

Ghulam E. Lee traveled the country far to study e e stayed there a while .. After returning to his family were asked to attend a n a religion teacher to answer three questions for him for him, and finally found a religion teacher and they had the following dialogue: 
Boy: A Net? Can Alajab him on a Silta the three? 
Teacher: I am of the slaves of Allah .. And I will answer your questions with a Zn God 
Boy: are you more sure? Many doctors and scientists could not thread Alajab him on my questions! 
Teacher: Q a try my best .. And with the help of God I answer 
Boy: I have three questions   :
First question: Does God really exist? And this was also a form of Ernie? 
Second question: What 
Is fate and destiny? 
Third question: The devil was a creature of fire .. so why cast after that it will not affect it? 
Teacher slapped the boy smacked on the face 
He said the boy is in pain: Why slapped me? What made ​​you got angry with me? 
Gap a teacher: I'm not angry, and a growing e are Alajab slapping him on the three questions .. 
Boy: But I did not understand something 
Teacher: Why do you feel after I slapped you? 
Boy: of course I am not a mind 
Teacher: Do you think a a a a n is the not exist? 
Boy: Yes 
Teacher: Show me the form? 
Boy: I can not 
Teacher: This is the answer to a well .. We all feel the existence of God, but we can not see 
Then a Dhav: Have you ever dreamed Bareh e builder will get a smack? 
Boy: No 
Teacher: Is the risk of a Ni-Surge Sacefek today? 
Boy: No 
Teacher: This is the fate and destiny 
Then a Dhav: my hand slapped by her, which I created? 
Boy: of clay 
Teacher: What about your face? 
Boy: of clay 
Teacher: Why do you feel after a n slapped you? 
Boy: I am a B for a not 
Teacher: Exactly .. N spite of a devil creature of fire .. But a God willing this will be a fire place to the devil Lima.

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