Tools and guidance for educators in the summer holidays

** Extreme caution on the exploitation of youth and talent It is this concern for the science students who want serious and direct them to workshops scientists
** Tribute and admiration for those responsible for students and youth in the summer holidays and say to them: God is in the Secretariat and the more serious in the education of young people and benefit from the experiences of others
** The lawsuit today. What is this program today and what?! 
A group of students call for a field visit to prominent young sidewalks, and sit with them and give them gifts, and introduce them to the center and its activities, it is ok to Dautemellmsadjad and their participation in some sports, and
Dinner light punctuated by some guidelines and competitions; have it all under the supervision of elders call in this no doubt a great service to the community and Kiemelldauh mission education to the sons of the country, extending the bridges of brotherhood with these young people, instead of Aatzalhm and the loss of their time and age, it would be so, God willing, the impact of good and beautiful in the hearts of those young people and the establishment of such a social and cultural festivals of the whereabouts and young people, and the establishment of competitions and light and funny, and some games even for one day is that too many benefits.
** Allocate a certain day to call a number of dealers in the city is a ceremony to introduce them to call the summer and offer it to their children and provide them gifts, as well as a special program for dealers only have a meeting with one of the scientists to get them spending, which has a great influence on the success of these programs.
Composition of the Board of the fathers in the summer center to meet them all mid-and in so many benefits: the definition of parents, the activities of the center, and his service to their children, and the link between the community representative parents and between centers and summer, and its real, and the participation of parents in the views and proposals and even support of the Centre morally and materially, and gain the confidence of parents , and directing some of the special educational guidance their children. And other gains in holding such meetings, but I do not mind the participation of parents in the recreational program to strengthen the link between parents and children.