Linguistic situation in Morocco.. the reality in Morocco on the degree of Great linguistic complexity

Linguistic situation in Morocco by the problematic status of multilingualism is the Stoic, Which is a mosaic map language in Morocco and the resulting alignments of ideology Conscious or Hqih, and the marginalization of the sober scientific research to address these problems very Complexity and that have a decisive influence - and that was not a direct indicator - the level of development Human development of our country ... 
And the phenomenon of pluralism is not new to Morocco for The language of the indigenous population (Berber), Fbfl inadvertent contact with other tribes and civilizations  (Phoenician, and Nadal, Roman, Arab, Aabarien ...) I knew like the other Berber languages Land affected by the phenomenon of borrowing and ... And other . 
At the level of the Arabic language, It is also the phenomenon of historical roots dating back to the conquests Islamic (general phenomenon of melody ) (The phenomenon of borrowing) in all Islamic countries. In Africa and Morocco, as it Ibn Khaldun was «contact with the Arab barbarians ...Beaufort Amranhm it, Vglapt kernel Where on the tongue, the Arab ... Another language and it has been mixed, and most of the kernel, it is for Tongue beyond the first ».
Since then, Western classical language for Moroccans of Arab origin «a second language» after the first, and became the Moroccans out of Amazigh «third language» as the «second language» is the pattern generated by the mixing of Classical Tamazight (Arabic dialect), which is given to the historical / substantive Will affect the frequency, and transport and delivery through the generations, which will affect the learning mother tongue. 
Evoke this with historical data in the subsequent colonization of the Western By the superior economic and cultural dominance, cultural, linguistic, therefore, The thing that dwell in the deepening of the linguistic problems that are known to the linguistic situation in Morocco, whereAndavc languages ​​gas to inflict injustice persists in the Arab Alvsih format in the words of bigeye.
This has been a foreign language - especially French - factors that are very dangerous toCoexistence that characterized the Arabic language in the mixing Penceptha Tamazight (Semitic / protector ) , And is what resulted, in the words of Dr. Fahri, pollution of the environment in the language of Morocco When overwhelmed by the foreign language on the internal local language and culture through Alamboah Knowledge of local language and behavior, and thus disturbed the co-existence which she knew Environment, embodying the language of Morocco in an environment of double : Diglossia or environment Diversity : Multilinguism between the standard official language (Arabic) and dialects of the same pattern of linguistic General or of the same cultural system. 
In conclusion, the reality in Morocco on the degree of Great linguistic complexity, although it shows in the apparent dual language is simple only in the Arabic / Amazigh, as they can by d. Astadto draw three distinct levels Of linguistic communication; first-level communicative; and is the level of use of language to communicate Daily and the application; any dialects of Amazigh (Tarifit, Tachelhit, Tamazight) and Arabic dialects (dialect, Hassani). Second; official level; any level Use of language for religious purposes, governmental, educational and any Arabic language (language of the KoranQuran) and the classical Arabic language (ie Mandarin) and Arabic inventory (and intended to Mail the official government language liberated private depot) and modern standard Arabic , And used in Arab media. III; the functional level; any level Language use for economic purposes and openness to the outside world and exchange and research (French - English - Spanish).