Relationship with the school authority social, political and economic

Among the salient features of contemporary societies: assume institutions and systems, various community (not family) is the leader and vital in the formation of engineering and directing the community, and determine the type and style of the individual / human / citizen which is the nucleus of the initial formation and community structure and dynamics of public .
And "a systems (especially the school system) produced by the specialists (or rulers), thanks to / and for
Ideological monopoly on the production of the project, including the control are the tools give structure to the world because they are organized in structures, they reproduce the structures of social classes in the images have been shortchanged, and by the compatibility of the total production area of ideological and social classes."
  And school, as a system Aedio - knowledge, remain the most serious community foundation, because of their roles in the formation of a constituent and the upbringing of the individual / learner (since infancy) and integrated within the community structure to occupy a certain position in Trutpetha and the particular roles as well as the .
So, it seems obvious that the school as one of the places and fronts favorite of the conflict community, in order to achieve the projects and the benefits of targeted, but the forces community in conflict, with ideologies, values, and different locations; means that these forces are constantly trying to use the school and employing authority for political control in the community in general . Where "is not a school as a social institution, just, just a mediator (neutral) to disseminate knowledge and values ​​... or where is the connection between knowledge and students, but is above all an expression of ideology prevalent, and one of the tools of active dissemination and preached." Ideologies often to reflect the needs and interests of the categories of social groups (class, ethnic group, political system ...). According to the logic of the system of political conflict (traditional) remains the dominant ideology is the ideology of the dominant or controlling authority; where the ideological monopoly on all devices, including the school. So, the political struggle by the hardware community is ideological, and for owned and controlled by a different community of Salt .
In our approach this, in Salt of the relationship of the school community in Morocco, we will try to answer analytical and cash for the following questions :
- What are the conflicting authorities both within the system to the socio - cultural and political?
- How is reflected societal conflict between the various authorities within the school?
- Do you keep the school reaped from the conflict Alaedio - political, just to make it an institution of scientific knowledge and promote its values ​​of objectivity and d Wen neutral bias or discrimination or ethnic elite class ... my values?
To answer these questions, and methodology, will investigate the approach to a socio - political, based primarily on analysis and reflection, reasoning and synthetic, in an attempt to monitor the relationship between the school, "a machine control," Ed Yu - knowledge "and place a political" and the various Salt community. And approach to politics that we use , here, are those that rely primarily on the concept of power, as the political can be determined by two approaches:
· First determine the political basis of the narrow sense to the State .
• The second set on the basis of political power, as this is specifically allowed in the introduction of the various phenomena of power in the political right, it looks as if these phenomena independent of the state in a narrow sense .
And use, also the concept of power in the sense defined by Michel Foucault, where power is the "... sum of the institutions and devices that enable the subject citizens within a particular country. [It] means ... .. multiple power relations that are Mahith for the domain that they operate the forces, consisting of the regulation of relations".
So, to see what powers Awalsult entering the arena of the community in order to enforce or establish its authority, and what their relationship to the major choices of educational policy / school (especially in the National Charter for Education and Training last ).
We can, transcended, and a synthesizer that characterize Power / Salt community within the game struggle for or by the authority in six fundamental forces: the forces of political (in the narrow sense), and the forces of Itno - cultural, and the forces of moral value, and forces any time Aqtsadoah, and foreign powers , and the forces of scientific knowledge.
What are all manifestations of power / authority separately? What are interactive cybernetic relationship to the system of school?