Role of the teacher (s) in improving the relationship with the local community school

- Increase the awareness of teachers of their role in engaging the population in the affairs of the school.
- Ways and possibilities of community participation in the conduct of the school.
- The participants employed first individually and then in groups of 5 / 6 individuals, the distribution of cards written by the numbered cases that should be considered.
- The participants discuss the cases before them and agree on appropriate behaviors to deal with these cases through role playing.
. Asked them to answer the central question: "How to behave / Taatsrven in the following situations?"
1. Before coming to the rotor, the group's members had a very bad experience with an association, they are wary of your presence among them, as well as from suggestions.
2. Some parents who are in meetings, rushing to a deafening silence, do not participate in the debate and show no will or desire to answer your questions.
3. During the meeting, withdraw some parents and members of the group, saying that they have other things you should Ikdoha.
4. You have a meeting with a group of individuals, while the members of a group than the attendance, and other participants get angry because they have been waiting a full hour.
5. Created a meeting with members of the group in place of the amount of hours away from your school, at the last moment an emergency occurs outside of your control, and Adtrk to change the program.
6 . At the end of a meeting with members of the group, and while preparing / Ttahpin to leave the meeting room holding one of your participants and make you feel that it wished to offer / provide a service management you can not accomplish.
7. During a meeting with parents and members of the group, contrary to other educational team members to each other on matters related to work and the relationship with the group.
0.8 There is a member of the educational team is very negative and does not feel that he is very involved in working with the group.
0.9 There are no team has not been any assessment of the group, insisting on Massahpetkm to one meetings Tnizunha.
10 . Does not rest for a parent members of the educational team they start to withdraw their daughters from school.
No. 22-fiber boards
What should abstain from
Should the teacher or school, regardless of his role in the management of communication, that is the same for a foreigner population, whatever the degree of intimacy that links them. For this, it is advisable to avoid the following behaviors:
Solutions / tips
The solutions and advice if it is issued in good faith, particularly of the born tonic (any one from outside the community), can not necessarily be compatible with the dynamics of the population daily.
Can members of the group must comply with the orders during a very short time, especially during the completion of a particular activity, and the case it is impossible to always have one on hand to make sure that the orders had been carried out are very good.
To take advantage of any teacher (s) and place to tell people what to do and what to leave.
Exploitation of the teacher (s) to be placed in the criticism behaviors of people.
2. Integration of the group and parents' associations *