National Charter for Education and Training a constitution, educational reform and the education system in Morocco

The National Charter for Education and Training Constitution of the educational reform and the educational system in the new Morocco, where he was to keep pace with economic developments, political, social and educational know our country after a series of crises that defined the education sector, ended by resorting to structural adjustment with the mid-eighties, which resulted in turn educated fragile and poor will end up in turn to thinking in the development of a comprehensive educational reform established by a committee of men of enterprise, education, governance and political and civil society .... So, what is the Charter for Education and Training? And what are its contents and its implications? What are the strengths and weaknesses?
National Charter reform is the system includes a set of components, mechanisms and standards suitable to change our educational system, educational and renewal at all levels and levels in order to create an educational institution is eligible and able to open up to competition and
Socioeconomic environment, and keep up with all the developments emerging objective, factual, and coping with all the scientific and technological developments, particularly in the areas of: communication, media and economy. The Charter is the national reform project great and the first priority of national after the territorial integrity and the decimal and national (2001-2010) to achieve all the goals and objectives of the country out of the cocoon of underdevelopment and crisis, stagnation and mediocrity to the country of a sophisticated modern open and dominated by the mechanisms of democracy and the quality and the ability to compete and keep up the real. 
This, and consists of the National Charter of two parts: as devoted the first part of the foundations of the fixed system of education, training, and major targets envisaged it and the rights and obligations of both partners and national efforts for the success of reform, and the second section has been allocated to the areas of innovation and supports the change. The second section to section six major areas and nineteen support for change. These are the six basic areas:
1 - the dissemination of education and linking economic environment.
2 - Organize teaching.
3 - increase the quality of education and training.
4 - Human Resources.
5 - Management and measure.
6 - Partnership and funding.
Based on the National Charter for Education and Training to a set of principles and constants Kalahtdae Islamic faith and the spirit of patriotism and fidelity to the constitutional monarchy and adherence to cultural heritage, cultural and linguistic heritage and the Moroccan reconcile tradition and modernity in Morocco and the quest towards mastery of knowledge and modern technology. As for the major targets is represented in making the learner the center of reform and change by raising the grades and level of knowledge and skills to meet their needs and the mental, emotional and motor. And work on the configuration of future frameworks framed efficient, qualified and capable of creativity, innovation and development of the country. And seeks to make the terms of the charter school open to the Moroccan school a happy and full of life and make the activation as well as the University of the University is open, the engine of development. It should be educational institutions, whether schools or universities Avdah of freedoms and human rights and places for dialogue and self-learning. It must be a genuine partnership with local communities and parents, parents and other partners to contribute to the advancement of the educational sector in order to achieve quality, generalizing, and compulsory schooling. Thus, educational reform will be a national compact decimal a major national importance and to yield results in a gradual progress is subject to monitoring and evaluation and tracking.
The aim of the National Charter for Education and Training in its field the first to spread education and to link economic environment through the dissemination of good education at the School of multiple methods and literacy in the context of non-formal education to eliminate them gradually in 2010 by 20% and finally in 2015 by 100% and will not be so only in decentralization and partnership in education between the public and private sector, civil society and local authorities and the political community and governmental and non-governmental organizations with the employment of visual media to achieve the fixed objectives to eliminate entirely on the literacy of all kinds, as well as the creation of the compatibility of the largest between the educational system and economic environment through the integration of mutual between the educational institution and the Pacific environmental, economic, social, cultural and vocational or career by opening up the process of life and the prospects for innovation and sophistication, either by alternating configuration or through continuous training.
The target second area of the Charter organization teaching and reform and change by re-structuring and organizing phases of education and training from primary education and primary and lower secondary and rehabilitation and the university by organizing wires education, its people and corroborating, objectives, contents and methods of evaluation, taking into account the development of education inherent and groups with special needs as children of the community abroad and Moroccan Jews. It also entails a pedagogical reform Calendar reform systems and ongoing monitoring, tracking and monitoring in parallel with the reform of educational and vocational guidance.
The third area seeks to increase the quality of education and training through review of programs and curricula, textbooks and educational media and management to better uses of time and the rhythms of school and teaching and improve the teaching of the Amazigh language use and mastery of foreign languages ​​in order to acquire the keys and mechanisms of science and knowledge, technology and openness to the Amazigh to see the components of cultural identity and cultural without forgetting to use the best and career of the new technologies, media and communication and promoting excellence, innovation and scientific research and rehabilitation of sports and physical education school and university and parallel activities.
In the fourth area of human resources, the focus is on stimulating the human resources and mastery of composition and improve working conditions and review the measures of employment, calendar, and upgrade with improved physical and social conditions for learners and care of persons with special needs, especially those with disabilities. 
In the area of V on Baltsier and measure, he called the National Charter to the enactment of the decentralization policy and the adoption of deconcentration in the education and training and improving management general and evaluation in a sustained and directed depending on the policy measure and combat extravagance and waste and rationalizing expenditures and control the spending of pursuing transparency and accountability, democracy and the policy of balance between resources and expenses .Working area as well as to diversify the types of buildings and equipment and set standards and suitability for its surroundings and the rational use and good conduct 
The field for the sixth and final area of partnership and funding by stimulating the private education sector and set standards and conduct and the granting of credit with maturity and the mobilization of financial resources and streamlining management. 
In spite of these developments and the areas and supports the reform of positive and ambitious provided by the National Charter for Education and Training, the reality gives us an impression contrary to what is in the Charter, rather than to verify quality education in our educational institutions and management, we find mediocrity are increasing day by day in various fields of the sector education, not to mention the indifference, laxity and slow, routine and hierarchical deadly, as well as reluctance on the study and education by learners, and the spread of literacy and thinking of moving abroad and "Ahariگ" with the growing phenomenon of unemployment and unemployment continued, and the negative impact of the nationalization of education and work to publication in the villages and cities, which took on a quantitative and numerically at the expense of quality educational and rehabilitation qualitative.
As the impact of rationalization of expenditure on education is bad, where educational institutions can not conduct themselves to the lack of financial resources, financial and human, even under a system of management   Sigma Not achieved at the field level and has become a slogan theoretically ambitious awaiting activation field. I have given voluntary departure in the field of Education envisages a bad policy of patching, favoritism, and improvisation and indiscriminate alienation of national competencies, particularly university, including in response to the decisions of the World Bank, which aims to bring down Morocco and humiliated and impoverished cadres and national frameworks for reasons in the same Jacob to give him a handful of loans for coping emergency , and this policy to Ataatlam originally with the principles and directives of the National Charter of transparency and democracy and the rationalization of expenditures, well qualified and armaments national spirit and moral quality and achieve.And I am too afraid of turning the National Charter to the slogans of seasonal and Mnaspatah and political ideology and the formalities of bureaucracy unrelated to practical reality and the Executive and the hyphen is the essence of the reform as it appears to us so clearly seen in the practice and the reality Forums educational reform that ensures the ministry concerned to be activated centrally, regionally and locally and at the enterprise level, but Without goals to remember (the reform project - enterprise project - the concept of quality and upgrading - Partnership ....), and educational forums that this reform changed the theoretical concepts of reform from year to year random and impulsive fast without making sure of an applied and practical. Even out of these forums - that operate on the sidelines of the National Charter - resolutions, memoranda, publications and ministerial and publications it remains a dead letter for lack of material and financial resources, human and complexity Almsatir administrative, legislative and regulatory acts, as seems clear in the application of enterprise project and partnership and educational achievement of quality teaching. And I hope in the last not remain a national charter charter theory is underlined in the notes and publications of ministerial and summaries of forums and meetings, educational and substance between the covers of books and educational studies monetary reform and less over the shelves of libraries and archives administrative offices and educational, but must be done in the field and is being done in practice and implementation of procedural and verification of a calendar and tracked from the pillar into a pillar and one area to another.

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