Coverage and the budget in the Islamic Education

The introduction of religious education is the basis to evaluate the ethics and attitudes and self-directed goals for the farmer, because the religiosity inherent in the soul, self Tmonintha and find comfort in it.
Happy heart approach religiosity mildew, which awakens the incentives for good in it, and promote Bhmth about Excellencies Vieih heart net strongly linked to his Lord and reverence when he is mentioned. And loves and hates and Yoad and argue with the consent of his Lord, until the heart divine watching God in every pulse and movement.
The religious education of the heart and wake him up but come with care and educational well-directed and pledged an early age to exercise the virtues and commitment orders and finish all prohibitions, and familiarize self what the cost of a phenomenon even rehearse and get used to, narrated Amr ibn Shuaib for his father and grandfather said: The Messenger of Allah - e - «Teach your children to pray when they are seven years and hit them when they are ten years and separate them in their beds».
And so is education from an early age and integrate and grow with the growth of this small thing sometimes, and education is severely beaten at times, and the practical conduct of everyday life in other times. Education is starting from a young age but even formulate the idea of human life and later.
If caught on the little accustomed to as a child it would be safe in the slide rule desires his mind and his heart, God Faasmh path of seduction and hates him, and endears him to the path of guidance and facilitated it.
As the poet said:
Emerging and established boys us on his father was a return
Religious Education is in our time has become an urgent need to re-Alhardan of events to their homes, and treatment of diseases of youth psychological, social, behavioral and restore calm to the hearts and homes.
We need religious education in our homes, our schools and our universities and our markets ... need it in our curricula and the behavior of our children need it .. Alaúguena in the organization of individual, family and social life.
If the world was abuzz with modern day problems of young people and be tight and held until he became a young demolition and chaos and crime, despite all the diversity of laws and sanctions, and the many psychological and social studies, all of that did not work did not come to cure young patients.
Islamic religious education is the shore of safety for all of them, an obligation under the guidance of Islam and walk on his approach, and religious education has become today a necessity no less important than life and Imran land and achieve justice, but it alone is justice. So keen Islam to direct parents to the good literature of children and their upbringing Accordingly, Ayoub bin Musa narrated from his father, his grandfather, said: The Messenger of Allah e "What bees and father and son Nhla better than good literature"
And Islamic education are eligible to carry the youth and the community to a safe route is happy in this land as they approach the expert, not surprising that with this qualification.
And the beholder in the Islamic educational curriculum are reading general principles and basic rules for the construction education and through youth live Almterba amidst conflicting theories and interpretations of education here and there ... and ensure these rules and principles of traffic safety to the ultimate goal of Islamic education.
And inclusiveness and the budget of the most important educational principles that should be absorbed and the commitment thereunder. The inclusiveness, the Islamic educational methodology is characterized by this unique property, it is comprehensive in its definition of the framework of educational psychological and behavioral it leaves a partial only have about it to imagine, the rule, which it tracks each entry may be harmful and wrong warns Muslims it, and deprive the method of it also, and these special characteristics, take the Islamic educational methodology of recipe Islamic methodology in general theology and law, is a comprehensive approach to that approach Rabbani from God Almighty does not man-made, and it is impossible for a person to make such an approach, Since man first, a limited being in terms of time and space, as is the case in the time starts after failure, and ends after the occurrence of, and biased in place, either an individual or the generation or the race, there are only in place, do not act behind the place, as it exists only in the time do not act beyond the time, and because it is a limited entity in terms of knowledge, experience and perception .. begins his knowledge after the fact, and up from science to commensurate with the limits of his being in time and space, and the limits of his job as well, and that above that a limited being to these considerations are all , is governed by his weakness, his tendency and desire and willingness, beyond what is governed by Baksourh and ignorance .. man and these circumstances, when considering the establishment of perception I think in the same himself, or to establish a curriculum for the life of realism of the same the same as well, comes with thinking governed by that attribute that govern his being as a whole. .. thinking comes in part ... fit for the time and is fit to another, and fit to place not fit for another, and fit for the event and is fit to another, and the level of fit and is fit for another.
Above that it does not address is the one from all angles and limbs, and all the circumstances and the stages, and all its components and the reasons .. because these are extended in time and space, and extended into the causes and ills, and beyond being human itself, and the realization .... and all over the flaw in this thinking of passion and vulnerability factors, which are two attributes Ansanatan Osiltan.
And can not come the idea of humanity, not to come approach of making human is the inclusion never ... but it is a thinking part .. and thinking of my time .. and Dzith located shortage and of the Qtih is the turmoil that requires change, and is the ideas that took humans their manufacture, and in the approaches that people take the time by putting "contradiction" time or "controversy" of European history.
As for God when he takes it all .. the perception Belief, as well as the curriculum is vital pop it, comes with innocent of all human flaw in the workmanship of the shortcomings and deficiencies and weaknesses and inequality.
It has proven educational curricula failure in access to integration or inclusion in both the social market assets theories of intellectual, educational, philosophical, or the ramifications and applications, and did not succeed until the time curriculum education to realize none of this coverage or this integration, which hit the Islam, its top and its limit if only because it approach from God the Creator and the rights and Vatrh knows what harm it, and taking care of and spoil it.
Orbiter and the functioning of the Islamic educational methodology realizes immediately that the profiles and curves of this approach but moving destined to pave the Muslim to his Lord and the achievement of slavery is in the same entity that is recognized for the role required of him in this land as a slave and as successor of God in his own land planted with goodness and righteousness and root out such evil and corruption.
In this process meets the Islamic educational curriculum with the rest of the directions in matters of life and religion are all flowing in the downstream of faith only to achieve the purpose and goal Bmjmuatha {I created the jinn and mankind except to worship Me (56) Scatterers Sura.
Although this property holistic approach to the Islamic educational property branched and overlapping and complex because it addresses the human nature and his being a creature of the substance and spirit, and draws the human activity in all aspects of his life, but with all that is characterized by symmetry and balance is not dominated by another, not Iftat direction on the other, Tatesf not the way it does not deviate, and this is what we mean by the property associated with this property is a property balance.
Falcaún the human spirit and the mind and body, and curriculum earth can not the balance between these features of the three because it requires knowledge of the requirements of each of them and see the relationship each other, so we find curricula floor stand on the side without the other, and develop aside at the expense of another, have dealt with the Spirit even make the human Being selfish arrogant looks at the world through the mind of a minor, may mean that approaches the human body thus making it mathematically fighters and wrestlers Vistamlh community as a tool for discipline or to defend the people and society and all these Altnaullac methodology rather be in the building element at the expense of another element, and nothing in the earth today approach of making people able to build a curriculum responsive to the human nature aspects all combined his soul and mind and body.
The universality of Islam Viferd educational approach to this object and balance, balanced, comprehensive treatment is dealt with not missing something ... his soul and mind and body, and takes each element of the climate requirements and carries out its activities in line with the climates of other elements.
Which authorizes the Islam success in this regard that the religion of Allah the Almighty, a manufacturer and creator and the creator of this object, and therefore I know and told Besnath is real that no approach Almtlaúm with this instinct {not to know to create a gentle expert} Surat al-Mulk.
For Salman said he was told of your Prophet has taught you - e - Everything, even Kherah. He said to have forbidden us to welcome kiss faeces or urine or to clean ourselves using his right hand, or to clean ourselves using less than three stones or to clean ourselves using Bergaa or bone.
What is left of Islam an aspect of life, however, has dealt with law and has become for us the good from evil, and the clean from the bad, and the right of the corrupt, and this inclusiveness that characterizes the Islamic law, it is very perfect, he says: .. the day you completed your religion and completed My Favour upon you and chosen for you Islam as your religion ..} Surah
As a result of this inclusiveness in the Islamic education reach of Islam to exploit all the strengths of this object, but up to the maximum of these energies, so the investment of Islam in his first of the small number of Muslims and the ability to access and take advantage of the maximum energy-made marvels in the world of land, before the hordes Algthae of people who could not invest their energies to their own curriculum fungal Almknonh, Falcaún human is a human being but the result is different and different approach between Islam and the methodology of the people.
Moreover, the knowledge of the requirements of each element and coordination between these requirements and unify resources and downstream reflect this object on the same tranquility and calm and balanced in everything? In the morale of the rights and Madyate, in the hopes and dreams, in reality and its future, in the today and tomorrow, in the transactions were economic, social or political, in the borders and boundaries as an individual as an individual the center of the group.
Without this balance threatens entity rights and denied him, and loses his balance and it affects the same Badtrabha, and community chaos and overlapping rights and the loss of justice and equity, and follower of the present modern world and the suffering from the disorder and chaos in each area will find that the imbalance between the demands of the spirit and the mind and the body of this object is the reservoir disease, and will not find a medicine only under the path of Islam; because it can only address the common sense approach to it is the creator of mushrooms Almighty.