Moroccan teenager's life within the school and strained relationship with professors, students

When the child moves into adolescence is Then taught junior high school or secondary school, namely, that "most of the students of two schools Middle and high school teens and adolescents " The most important is recorded in these schools, isStrained relationship with the professors, students, where teachers are suffering from lack of discipline of students within Chapter, and not paying attention during lessons shed, where "homeless student's mind, and distracted Attention because of internal factors, or has other external ..."
, he resorts most of the teachers either To beatings, humiliation, or out of the rioters section, this leads to conflict between the teacher And the pupil in the school was moved to the street sometimes, as we hear of attacks pupils The teachers outside the school. And these problems can be traced To: 
1. Lack of attention to the ethical side, whether by Community or by the education curriculum; any morality that did not become significant compared to standard With the availability of scientific competence; 
2. Lack of understanding of the stage Adolescence by teachers, which leads for Mr. to swim against the current, as if to UVA Teen student he is still young, or trying to humiliate him in front of his friends in order to adjust the section, Where "a lot of teachers, because of the lack of understanding of adolescent adolescents feel And teenage frustration and help non-adaptation. "
3. Adolescents affected by the violent scenes that follow it through the many channels of Through film watched by the dramatic day. 
To overcome These problems, it is incumbent upon teachers to deepen their understanding of this phase in order to understand and interact During her teaching, where "the relationship the teacher his pupils have a clear impact in facilitating learning Or impede, Vattv and the tenderness of his help to Iqbal teenager to the learning process, Which helps to eliminate that bothered and hampered their studies "(6), and should be re-formulation Education commensurate with the mental and personal growth that corresponds to this stage, and also include topics Be at the heart of his interests. You should also give back to the moral value in Our education in general, and to think of the teacher in providing the learner by the ethics of information, Through coordination with parents to allow the parties to exchange information about the pupil, which Easy to understand trends in the student a very deep.