Who responds to the distressed if called

Of which terrifies him distressed, pleading, and its ill-fated, and hold the objects and creatures, and ask him meditate penis tongues, and Taleh hearts that God is no god but He.
Right on and you have to call in good times and bad, and good times and bad, and dismayed to in calamities, and beseech him in distress, and Nntrah on the threshold of his door asking weeping prayers Mgnen, then comes extended by and up for His help and speed up his private parts, and solve the open (security responds to the distressed if invited) Fengyi a drowning man is absent, and who suffers Iefa, and supports the oppressed, and guide the lost, and heal the patient, and release the distressed (If boarded the ark of God called his faithful religion).
Will not cite you here prayers remove worry and sadness and grief and anguish, but refer you to the books of the year to learn the Sheriff discourse with him Vtnajia and call him and invites him and begging him, the grandmother and found everything, but lost faith in him lost everything, that your prayer Lord the worship of others, and obedience to another Great over for required, although a slave mastered the art of prayer is appropriate that does not care nor Igtm not worry, all the umbilical cords Taatsrm only, but all the doors shut the door, which is close listens and responds, answers the distressed one, when he called. Telling you and you are poor, the needy poor, rich, a strong one-Majid, to call him ((Call on Me will respond to you)).
If I got your afflictions and calamities befell you, Valhj penis, Barrack and his name, and extended by Order and ask them to open and victory, rubbed his forehead for the sanctification of his name, to get on the crown of liberty, and forced the nose in the mud bondage to acquire and Sam survive.Extension of your hands, lift your hands, your tongue was more than his request, deep in his question, he insisted, committed his door, wait for his kindness, watching open, more in his name, which you think best, lost it, wet it Tptila so happy and succeed.