Keep to your home

Isolation legitimate Sunni: Game from evil and his family, and empty and Agan and anarchists, you shall meet Hof, restless mind, and relaxes Khatrk, and generosity of mind Bdrr governance and comb your butt in the Garden of minerals.
The isolation from everything that distracts from the good and obedience Aziz medicine, doctors hearts Try it succeeding great success, and I massage it. In isolation from evil and idle talk and the mob pollination of thought, and the establishment of the law of fear, and celebrate the birth of representation and memory, but the meeting was commendable and mixing acclaimed in the prayers and the combination and councils of science and cooperation to do good, and the boards of unemployment and unemployment Beware beware, run away your skin, weep over your sin, and hold you your tongue, keep to your home.
Mixing the brutal war waged on the self, and a serious threat to world security and stability in yourself; because you sit with the masters of rumors and heroes falsely, and professors of preaching the temptation, disasters and misfortunes, even die every day seven times before they receive a death ((if it came out in you what Zadokm only Bala)).
If the vacant land of the coward
Request the appeal alone, and Alenzala
If I pray only Akabbalk on your business and reclusion in your room except to say good or do good, then you find your heart back to you, and greet your time of loss, and age of waste, and your tongue from backbiting, and your heart of concern, and ear of Alkhana and yourself of mistrust, and try known, and ride the same Mtaya illusions, and went on with common people, say peace be upon him.