Taiz people of the scourge

Draws the right and left Do you see however, is plagued Do you see however, plagued, in every house Naúhh, and water on each cheek in every valley, the sons of Saad.
Dear Ahamt lender Baldehr
Are Vindicator Mofor
How many calamities and how much of the patient, you do not you alone, but the injured Massapk you for a few others, how much of a patient on his bed of years fluctuates with left and right is suffering from pain and shouts of dieback.
How locked in over the years by what he saw the sun a specific, and is known for his cell.
How many a man and a woman lost their loved Okpadhma Maah in the prime of youth and age.
How much of the distress and the mortgagor and the injured and afflicted.
Ann you be comforted and those learning the science of certainty that this life is a prison for the believer and a home for the sorrows and calamities, failures become a bus with its people and branded all empty. While the unification of society and the physical well-being, money and abundant, and many children, then what is only a few days, if poverty, death, separation and diseases ((and show you how we did them and beat   You proverbs)) you have to resettle yourself Ctotin sentences veteran who go down on the rock, and you have to balance Massapk including you and those who preceded you in the course of a lifetime, to show you that you are healthy for them and that not Shaytaan only stings easy to praise God for his kindness and thank him for what kept, and the referee What was taken, and Taiz, including around you.
Were it not for the large number of weeping around me
To their brothers, to kill myself
You set an example in the Messenger peace be upon him has been developed Alsla on the head and Odmit feet encouraged his face and caught in the people even eat the leaves of the trees and the expulsion from Mecca, and broke Tnath, throw Showing his wife-Sharif, killed seventy of his companions, and the loss of his son, and more daughters in his life, and linking the stone on his stomach from hunger, and accused of being a poet sorcerer priest crazy bouncing, guarded God, this scourge is not inevitable and unavoidable is not greater than he, was killed by Zakaria and the slaughter of Yahya, and emigrated Moses, and the development of Hebron in the fire, and became imams on this road Vdharj life blood, and Uthman was assassinated, stabbed Ali, and whipped the emergence of prison imams and the good guys, and tire Balabrar (Or suppose that you will enter Paradise Aotkm such as those who passed away before you touched and in adversity, Alboads Zlzloa).